Tiger Woods- The Master Reloaded

Ab Stanley

When you win a major golf tournament on the PGA tour, the prestige and fame that follows is immense. If you win 14 major tournaments, your name is already etched in stone amongst the greats.

Tiger Woods has had a roller coaster ride of a career that is now seemingly headed back on its way up, not a direction everybody was predicting.

Woods has won the 83rd Masters tournament, making it the fifth overall time he’s won the Masters and the 15th time he’s won a major. It’s his first major championship since 2008.

The 43-year old edged out four golfers by one stroke with a final 13-under par for the tournament. A climb out of the doldrums of injuries and off the course problems has put Woods back near the top of the golf world.

This time, it wasn’t about power shots off the tee and legendary puts but more about poise and confidence. The shot on 12 where he placed it in the middle of the green while the other leaders was hitting the drink (water) is a prime example of years of experience guiding his super talent.

Then all a sudden, he was one shot ahead, then he was two shots ahead with two holes to go and you knew it was all she wrote.

Woods showed a cunning demeanor down the stretch that we haven’t seen in a long while. The push at the end of round four was classic Tiger, making the course look vulnerable and the other golfers nervous. They haven’t heard the steps of a “Tiger” creeping up the leader board in a long time.

At age 43, he’s the second oldest to win the Masters behind (who else) Jack Nicklaus, the guy he’s chasing down for golf immortality.

Woods has a green jacket for everyday of the work week, trailing only Nicklaus (theres that guy again) in total Masters victories. Now, the collective golf fans and Tiger haters alike have something to talk about on Monday mornings again.

The number 18 which seemed insurmountable even as recent as last week seems like a feat that can be met. Now, Tiger Woods is trashy back and he’s showing everybody who the Master truly is.

Ab Stanley

Atlanta, GA

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