The Decision 2018: LeBron Signs With The Dallas Mavericks

Ab Stanley

The 2017-2018 NBA will seem very familiar to us. We’re going to play out a season with a ridiculously large elephant in the room.

Just go back to 2009-2010 season when several big names would be eligible for free agency at its completion. The biggest name of them all LeBron James, would historically take his talents to South Beach. All season long, speculation on would he stay in Cleveland and play for the Cavaliers or leave.

This upcoming season will be very similar. Everything from does James have enough help in Cleveland to the Boston Celtics being his biggest challenge in the east will resurface.

The last time we saw this unfold, James left Cleveland for sunnier skies and a front office with real buying power. The lure of Miami Heat’s team president Pat Riley and his ability to attract players is one thing. Couple that with the opportunity to play with a few of his freinds and it was too much for ole “Bron” to pass up.

At this point, we will go through this season speculating where his next destination will be. I think I’ve pin-pointed that exact location.


Welcome to Dallas:

Can’t you see it now, LeBron James standing next to Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban holding up a jersey.

All roads have James heading west. So why not to a state with no income taxes like when he bolted for Florida?

LeBron always has one eye on his brand off the court. Cuban would pose as a great business partner. The “Chosen One” would definitely want a chance to play with his friends again and Cuban has been known to make trades happen and lure free agents to Dallas.

The James-Cuban alliance sounds like it would work on all levels. Dallas is currently over the salary cap. A year or so of wheeling and dealing can remedy that.

Moving a contract like Wesley Mathew who has a player option for 2018 (just under $19 million) would be a start. Dallas only has four contracts that are guaranteed after next season. The others are the Mathews contract, Dirk Nowitzki’s $5 million player option and a couple of low end qualifying offers (Yogi Ferrel and Salah Mejeri). There seems to be plenty of wiggle room for “The Decision 2018” to work.

Sure the Lakers and Magic Johnson could provide that off the court partner and they would have cap space. Sure the Houston Rockets could provide the same state situation and one of his freinds in tact (Chris Paul). Neither situation provide all of the things Lebron wants simultaneously.

Dallas will give him enough power but not all. He will be able to grab one or two of his buddies to join him and maybe even get a year of Dirk Nowitzki on his last leg.

Of course this is all speculation. Like I’ve said, we’ve gone through this before. All year we will wonder where will James end up? My money is on The Lone Star State, destination Dallas.

Ab Stanley

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