Steady As She Goes – Pittsburgh Steelers 2024 Draft Profile

The Pittsburgh Steelers 10-7 record was not indicative of the issues that plague this roster. Inconsistent quarterback play and bad play calling stagnated the offense. Pittsburgh now has a chance to remedy those issues in a draft chock full of quality starters and depth players. What will they do?


Terrion Arnold, CB, Alabama

Devin Leary, QB, Kentucky

Javon Foater, Tackle, Missouri


Pittsburgh needs a lot to rejuvenate this roster. Last year showed that they can’t continue to count on older veterans and coaching – talent still reigns supreme in the NFL. Last season they drafted a young cornerstone in Joey Porter Jr. and this year shouldn’t be any different.

When the Steelers’ defense has been at their best under Mike Tomlin they have had good secondaries. Since the falloff in value wouldn’t warrant the reach, taking a cornerback to pair with Porter Jr. would make the most sense.

Terrion Arnold is one of the best man-to-man defenders in the draft. His ability to mirror routes and play through the receiver make him a stout lock down defender. He has ideal size and physicality as well as adequate speed allowing him to play all over the defensive backfield. Having two corners who can travel would maximize the pass rush as well as give the offense more opportunities.

Pittsburgh has been trying to stabilize the offense ever since the retirement of Ben Roethlisberger. Kenny Pickett hasn’t been the young talent they thought he was, and it’s holding back what is a talented unit. Getting a QB on day two would be the best move as he wouldn’t have to play immediately.

Kentucky product Devin Leary has all the tools to play the quarterback position at the professional level. He has pinpoint accuracy and is elusive when extending plays. He is below average in build, only standing 6’1” and 210lbs, but he is deceptively strong. Leary’s most elite quality is how he scans the field and spreads the ball around. He is as efficient as any QB in the draft, and with the weapons in Pittsburgh he could excel.

Last season Pittsburgh got a stud in tackle Broderick Jones in the late rounds – that doesn’t change this year.

Javon Foster showed up at the Senior Bowl and had a lot of eyes on him. He is a mauler with a mean streak, excelling in the run game. He won’t wow you with elite technique, but has a good enough foundation to be coached. He fits better as a right tackle at the next level, and having him in the hip pocket would give Pittsburgh great depth.

Mike Tomlin is the captain of a rocky ship that can be stabilized with a strong draft come April. They will benefit from the depth that this draft possesses and could come out with another glowing review as the 2024-25 season kicks off.

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