Sam Bradford- Top Dollar No Sense

Ab Stanley

With all of the money being tossed around for quarterbacks these days, its a wonder why anybody would be surprised at how much one of them makes. Welp, be surprised because Sam Bradford is getting paid and nobody can tell us why. Don’t get me wrong, Bradford has talent. I would be the last person to disparage a player for getting paid, but (come on!) he’s gotten plenty of cash without the production to match.

Bradford has made a little over $114 million during his career, averaging about $14.2 million per year. His career earnings would place him 14th on the all-time NFL earnings list before deals were signed this off-season.

First, it was his record rookie deal worth $78 million with a whopping $50 million guaranteed for a guy who hadn’t taken a NFL snap. Being the first pick in the draft had its advantages back then but that was excessive. He would be the last rookie to receive such a lucrative deal as the pay scale for draftees was changed the next year (sorry Cam Newton).

Bradford won the Heisman Trophy award back in 2008 as the Oklahoma Sooners signal caller. He missed all of three games the next season due to shoulder surgery. He got the biggest rookie deal in NFL history with minor questions about his health.

In an eight-year career, Bradford has played a full season only twice. He missed the entire 2014 season with a torn ACL. He played only two games in 2017 after a knee injury ended his season.

The number one rookie earner and 14th on the all-time list for a quarterback that has more fails than accomplishments. He’s never led a team to a playoff berth, or even won as much as eight games in a season. He’s never thrown for 4,000 yards or reached 25 touchdowns. He’s never made a Pro-bowl or All-pro team.

Now, the Arizona Cardinals have come to sweeten the pot. They have agreed to sign Bradford to a 1 year $20 million deal, with $15 million in guaranteed money according to reports. The Cardinals have had Carson Palmer at the helm for the last five seasons but he announced his retirement after this season was over.

With players like Larry Fitzgerald and David Johnson on the roster, the Cardinals want to add a veteran signal caller who can pick up an offense quickly. They feel comfortable with Bradford’s injury history enough to give him at least a year under center. If he stays healthy, he could be good with the roster Arizona has and will build this off-season.

That’s a big if for a career filled with uncertainty. The only thing certain in Sam Bradford’s career is he’s gonna get paid top dollar to throw a football.

Ab Stanley

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