NHL Sets 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs Return-To-Play Date

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To all hockey fans around the world, resumption of play for the 2019-20 postseason has been announced. The NHL has been on pause since March 12th due to the coronavirus pandemic but might be starting back up in the near future.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs Qualifying Rounds are to be set for Thursday, July 30th in the hub cities. The locations are yet to be announced. This comes from a directive that was sent out to all NHL clubs on Friday after the general managers meeting. Training camps will start on Friday, July 10th and last about two weeks before needing to travel to the determined hub city on Friday, July 24th.

Teams are set to play one exhibition match before going into the the top-four seeding round-robins and best-of-five qualifiers. The New York Rangers will play the Carolina Hurricanes and the New York Islanders will play the Florida Panthers.

The length of training camp has been negotiated between both the NHL and the NHLPA on the return-to-play. The agreement from both has been focused solely about the health and safety of everybody including what protocols must be required for camp and the rest of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. These talks are ongoing each and every day.

In response to COVID-19 when play does resume, testing will be conducted every day at each teams facility according to the directive. Each facility is apparently going to have social distancing guidelines also to control and maintain at the best of their abilities this virus with caution.

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