Six For Seven: Six Teams Who Should Consider Colin Kaepernick

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Recently NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell encouraged teams to look into signing free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick. While it may be a while before he signs, it raises the question: where would he sign?

Most teams seem set with their quarterback rooms, however there’s always a select few teams that need more help at the position. Given Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and Tennessee Titans’ Ryan Tannehill’s returns to starting status after a season or two of being a backup, it could be the next step.

With all of that said, let’s take a look at six teams that should consider signing Kaepernick:


1. New England Patriots

Head Coach Bill Belichick is in serious danger of seeing his 11 year playoff appearance streak end. While it would be a welcome sight to the other 31 teams to see New England sit home, it’s just not going to be realistic to see them lay down. It doesn’t matter that Tom Brady is gone, Belichick will find a way.

The problem is Brady’s replacement, Jarrett Stidham, is not likely to get them there. Given that Colin Kaepernick still has at least two or three good years left, Belichick and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels more than likely could get the best of him. This also will allow New England to modernize their playbook a little more with bootlegs and outside of the pocket plays.

Belichick is also no stranger to acquiring players other teams won’t touch. From wide receivers Antonio Brown and Randy Moss to defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth to cornerback Brandon Browner, Belichick has given them chances and for the most part, they’ve paid off. This move shouldn’t be shocking but it still would be viewed as such.


2. Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins drafted Dwayne Haskins last year and could look to develop him. However, after an underwhelming rookie season and a new head coach in Ron Rivera, he could be on a short leash. If he can’t show that he has what it takes to run with the big dogs, then Rivera won’t hesitate.

Behind Haskins on the depth chart are Kyle Allen and rookie Steven Montez, as well as Alex Smith (though he may never play again). While Allen had some wins under Rivera, a bulk of his success came from the play of quarterback Cam Newton.

Kaepernick can play like Newton and fit Rivera’s scheme fairly well. He’s athletic enough to run the mobile quarterback plays and he’s got enough of an arm to make throws. The biggest bonus: he’s a lot healthier than Newton has been over the last few years.


3. New York Jets

Let’s be honest, head coach Adam Gase’s chances are starting to dissipate. If quarterback Sam Darnold can’t put it together in year three, there’s nobody behind him that could replace him. If New York’s defense is playing well enough to keep them in the division or wild card races, they should make a run at Kaepernick.

This is Gase’s second opportunity at a head coaching job. Unless he turns it around than he won’t get a third chance. As bad as it sounds, Kaepernick may be the wild card that he needs to save his career as a head coach.


4. Philadelphia Eagles

Does Philadelphia trust quarterback Carson Wentz to stay healthy for a full season? Does Philadelphia think Wentz can make it to the playoffs without missing any time? If them drafting quarterback Jalen Hurts in the second round means anything, then no, they don’t.

Given that owner Jeffrey Lurie is well known on the social justice front, this fit is more than perfect. Even if it’s just for one year, it gives Hurts a chance to learn behind both Kaepernick and Wentz and it gives them someone that they can trust should Wentz get hurt again.


5. Jacksonville Jaguars

Quarterback Gardner Minshew will fall into one of two possibilities. Either he’ll be a Tim Tebow one-year wonder and fade away or he could become Tyrod Taylor and stick around for a while. However, it’s clear that he’s not the answer.

Like the Jets, Jacksonville’s head coach Doug Marrone is running out of chances to be a head coach. If he’s sinking all of his eggs in the Minshew basket, then all it would take is some regression and he’s done.

Kaepernick would be a better player to play back up than Mike Glennon or Joshua Dobbs. If Marrone had one more chance, then let it ride and grab the number one pick next season but right now, he doesn’t have that luxury.


6. Tennessee Titans

Two words: Ryan Tannehill. Yes they just resigned him after a miracle run, yes they still have weapons to make him look good but as many Miami Dolphins fans have pointed out, they’ve seen this story before with him. All it takes is one bad season and the Tannehill train can go off the tracks.

Derrick Henry had 386 rushing attempts in total last year between the regular season and playoffs. If Tennessee starts to lean so heavily on him again, then the wear could start to show. They need someone who can make more than 25 pass attempts effectively and give Henry a rest.

Kaepernick checks all of those boxes and he’d be a much better quarterback option than Logan Woodside. Something more than likely will happen to Tannehill and when it does, Kaepernick should get first crack at playing.

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