NFL Power Rankings Week Thirteen- You Are What You Say You Are

Ab Stanley

The NFL season couldn’t be more exciting tight now. Record breaking performances, big time plays and yes, still some wicked hits available (despite the rule changes).

Every week for the better parts of two seasons I’ve come to you with a myriad of stats, facts, and hopefully some funny little tid-bits. This week however I’m gonna let the teams tell you what they think about themselves and each other.


1.  New Orleans Saints 10-2 (last week #1)

The Saints have won ten games straight. Head coach Sean Peyton had this to say, “Relative to streaks, each team is different. Generally, if you are going to have a decent team, you are going to win some games in a row.”


2.  Los Angeles Rams 10-1 (last week #2)

Head coach Sean McVay could use injured corner back Aqib Talib down the stretch. Here’s his take. “As far as if he’s ready to go, those are things that as the week progresses, we’ll figure that out, but that’ll be a collaboration of, from the doctors hearing and seeing how Aqib does.”


3.  Kansas City Chiefs 9-2 (last week #3)

Andy Reid couldn’t have gotten his team’s bye week at a better time. “It was an opportunity to rest up later in the season. That can be important as you continue on and work through the stretch of the remaining part of the season,” stated Reid.


4.  New England Patriots 8-3 (last week #5)

Here is tight end Rob Gronkowski talking about this Patriots team compared to years past. “Every year’s different but you don’t really compare this year to the last year to the years before. So just really focused on this year.”


5.  Houston Texans 8-3 (last week #6)

Browns head coach Gregg Williams talks about the Texans defensive front. “I think Romeo (Crennel) and that staff have done a good job on how they are utilizing those guys.”


6.  Chicago Bears 8-3 (last week #7)

Bears head coach Matt Nagy speaks on how valuable Chase Daniels is as a backup. “Here’s a guy in his role not only fulfilling that ‘assistant coach’ part but a guy that has the ability to step in and make coaches feel very comfortable that you can win games with him at quarterback.”


7.  Los Angeles Chargers 8-3 (last week #8)

Wide receiver Mike Williams is very happy to have Phillip Rivers as his quarterback. “He’s a baller, hall of Famer. He gives us opportunities. He makes everything easier for us as receivers.”


8.  Pittsburgh Steelers 7-3-1 (last week #4)

Mike Tomlin isn’t to thrilled about recent turnovers by his team. “We have to tighten up and tighten up rather quickly, we got to do a better job of safeguarding it, whether running or passing.”


9.  Minnesota Vikings 6-4-1 (last week #10)

You think the Vikings are happy to have Kirk Cousins, well Stefon Diggs definitely is. “He’s proven why he’s as good as we say he is. We’re behind him all the way.”


10.  Seattle Seahawks 6-5 (last week #12)

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan talks about his match-up with Seattle. “[The team] have a sound defense, [they] commit to the running game and have a quarterback who makes some plays.”


11.  Dallas Cowboys 7-5 (last week #13)

Defensive end Demarcus Lawrence has an easy solution to stop the Saints  this week. ” If you hit (curse) in the mouth they ain’t doing what they regularly doing, and putting up 50 points.”


12.  Carolina Panthers 6-5 (last week #9)

What does Cam Newton think about playing against top notch talent? “I feel like, when somebody is at their best and facing me, and I’m at my best, we win. You know what I’m saying?”


13.  Indianapolis Colts 6-5 (last week #17)

Indy has now won five straight games. Here’s what head coach Frank Reich had to say after their win over Miami. “If your trying to become a good football team, you need to find ways to win games like this”.


14.  Baltimore Ravens 6-5 (last week #18)

Raiders head coah Jon Gruden is sure impressed with the play of rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson. “Credit their coaching staff for making some great adjustments and modifying their offense to suit this kid.”


15.  Washington 6-5 Redskins (last week #11)

Cornerback Josh Norman can’t understand why people don’t take the Redskins seriously. “It’s not like we’re at the bottom of the pack where the New York Giants are at. We’re not down there. We’re higher up on the scale where teams would want to be.”


16.  Miami Dolphins 5-6 (last week #14)

Head coach Adam Gase addressed some frustration with their loss versus the Colts. “We’re getting turnovers, I mean it’s ashamed that we’re in the plus, block a punt, all those type of things and then come out without a win.”


17.  Cincinnati Bengals 5-6 (last week #15)

Quarterback Jeff Driskel will take over for Andy Dalton and seems to have a good mindset. “It’s just a great opportunity to go out and get a start this week and not think anything besides this week right now.”


18.  Tennessee Titans 5-6 (last week #16)

Mike Vrabel on the teams mindset going forward, “You just have to get ready and try to find a way to win a game, put our full focus on the Jets, coming back home. Try to be more consistent with the way we practice, the way we prepare and ultimately the way we perform.”


19.  Philadelphia Eagles 5-6 (last week #19)

Wide receiver Golden Tate talks about playing with the Eagles. “With the personnel we have, I have no doubt that we can do special things, I know that just from being here, it’s going on three weeks. We have a lot of talent. We just need to put it together. I think we’re getting closer and I know we’re working to do that.”


20.  Cleveland Browns 4-6-1 (last week #22)

Baker Mayfield has the utmost confidence in himself. “I’m never trying to be anybody else. I’m going to be the best version of myself.”


21.  Denver Broncos 5-6 (last week #23)

Here’s quarterback Case Keenum on his team coming down the stretch. “We’re at a whatever-it-takes-type mindset, we said that for the last two weeks. We’re going to try and go 1-0 (each week).”


22.  Buffalo Bills 4-7 (last week #27)

Sean McDermott talks about his young quarterback after two straight wins. “I love the fire that Josh Allen has. He’s tough, competitive and really personifies what the city of Buffalo is about.”


23.  Atlanta Falcons 4-7 (last week #20)

Atlanta has lost three straight games by a total of 29 points. Head coach Dan Quinn has a clue why. “Through the first eight games, our turnover margin was trending in the right spot and over the last three weeks it has not been.”


24.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-7 (last week #26)

Head coach Dirk Koetter on Jameis Winston’s latest performance, “I thought he made really good decisions, he made decisive decisions. He didn’t hold it too long and he didn’t wait for plays to develop that might happen as time went on.”


25.  Green Bay Packers 4-6-1 (last week #21)

Wide reciever Devante Adams on breaking some of the Packers recieving records. “It would be great, the most important piece is obviously getting those wins. Unfortunately, I feel like a couple games I’ve had some big production we didn’t win the game. As long as those two go together, that’d be great.”


26.  Detroit Lions 4-7 (last week #24)

Head coach Matt Patricia talked about his relationship with quarterback Matthew Stafford. “Listen, that’s a tough guy right there. He’s a tough quarterback, like I said before, (he’s) someone I’m glad I get to go to work with every single day.”


27.  Jacksonville Jaguars 3-8 (last week #25)

Doug Marrone talked about benching Blake Bortles. “It’s not a knee-jerk reaction, I really feel like at the end of the day we’ve got to try to get better production out of our passing game or more consistent production in our passing game.”


28.  New York Giants 3-8 (last week #28)

Running Back Saquon Barkley gets a heavy dose of Giants’ touches and rightfully so. “I think it’s perfectly fine. With me, with the workload and my mindset and I think I’ve said this multiple times, its whatever it takes.”


29.  New York Jets 3-8 (last week #29)

Jets quarterback Josh McCown gives his thoughts on the team’s offense (or lack of). “It is on us to go in there and execute it, get the ball down there and put the ball in the end zone.”


30.  San Francisco 49ers 2-9 (last week #30)

Defensive back Richard Sherman will return to Seattle to face his old team thus weekend. Here’s his overall thoughts on his departure from there. “Thankfully I got a chance to sign with the San Francisco 49ers and get the chance to continue my football career.”


31.  Oakland Raiders 2-9 (last week #31)

Wide receiver Jordy Nelson explains the only thing the Raiders can do for the rest of a season like this. “We’re just working, trying to get better and keep improving.”


32.  Arizona Cardinals 2-9 (last week #32)

Cardinals head coach Steve Wilks shared his thoughts on a disapointing season. “It’s tough, you’ve got to learn how to  hit the reset button and not linger on things.”

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