Mania Madness – The Elite Eight

  • By Alex Bab
  • March 28, 2023
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Alex Bab

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…The 3 Point Conversion and it’s staff proudly present to you…Ab Stanley, Eric Urbanowicz, Courtlandt Griffin and Danny Thompson…The Mania Madness creators!

We’re down to the Elite 8. We bring you not one, not two, not three but FOUR absolute slobberknockers!!!

Paul Bearer Region

-By Ab Stanley

#1. The Undertaker vs. #2. Shawn Michaels

(Ladder Match)

The ring is surrounded with various sized ladders and the urn that seems to be the source of the Undertaker’s mythical powers is hung high above. It now serves as the prize to win the Paul Bearer region and move on to the Fatal Four Way Final Four.

After Both competitors make their way to the ring, they lock eyes in a massive stare down. Then HBK starts the melee, with a flurry of punches that staggers the Dead Man, but he can’t drop him. Then a spear sends the Undertaker through the ropes and out of the ring.

Michaels heads out the ring and grabs one of ladders and slides it into the ring. Right before he gets back in he’s met by the Undertaker with a vicious uppercut. Undertaker then sends HBK running straight into one of the bigger ladders. The Undertaker then picks up a smaller ladder, and holding it like a damsel in distress, he starts slamming it into Michaels’ midsection.

Shot after shot to HBK’s abdomen has all but finished off the former World Champion. With Michaels flattened out on the floor outside the ring, Undertaker grabs one of the bigger ladders. He slides it into the ring as HBK starts to stir a bit on the floor. With intentions of making sure Michaels can’t move, Undertaker goes over to pick him up, but gets caught with a low blow.

Both wrestlers are laid out in pain on the outside of the ring.

Michaels slowly gets up, using the barricade for support, while Taker hasn’t moved. HBK makes his way into the ring and starts to set up the smaller ladder he put into the ring earlier. In doing so, he moved the bigger ladder towards the edge of the ring. As Michaels is nearly finished setting up ladder, the Undertaker sits up.

Undertaker is now making his way into the ring as HBK starts to make his way up the ladder. Almost halfway up the ladder, Michaels feels the Undertaker’s hand grabbing him and pulling him down. Trying to fend off the 6’10” phenom, Michaels delivered a kick that drops Undertaker to the floor and his head hits the big ladder that’s laying at the edge of the ring.

With nothing to stop him Michaels has a clear path to the urn, but stops and looks down at Taker. The crowd screaming with anticipation of an HBK victory, changed their cheers to sounds of shock when Michaels jumps off the ladder and delivered a flying elbow to the big man.

Michaels delivers as only the showstopper can.

After a brief moment Michaels does a kip up and starts back up the ladder. To his fright the Undertaker sits up again and starts towards him. Taker now gets HBK off the ladder and slams Michaels’ face off the ladder, knocking it over in the process. Taker then sends Michaels out the ring.

Undertaker now sets up the big ladder and is positioning it under the urn. It now seems like  he’s gonna end the match when Michaels makes it up to the apron and launches himself off the ropes into a dropkick that connects with the ladder. The ladder goes down and the Undertaker falls off, gets hung up on the rope and then falls inside the ring with the ladder draped over him.

HBK now goes out the ring and grabs another ladder and makes his way back into the ring. As he’s setting up the ladder, the Undertaker gives the ladder draped over him a bench press like hurl, knocking down Michaels’ ladder in the process. Now both men meet in the center of the ring flanked by a ladder on the floor and one leaned up against the north corner.

Undertaker and Michaels exchange blows left and right for a few seconds, when Michaels ducks under and comes back with a super kick to Taker. It has little to no effect on the Undertaker, who now rushes Michaels with a big boot. The Undertaker then grabs Michaels by the neck and delivers a chokeslam off the ladder propped up in the corner.

The Undertaker now sets up the other ladder and starts making his way up. With a burst of energy, HBK rushes up the other side of the ladder and starts delivering blows to the Dead man. The two wrestlers start to exchange blows for a bit when Undertaker grabs Michaels and delivers a head butt, sending HBK crashing to the ring floor.

Undertaker reaches up and grabs the urn, ending a brutal and painful match.

Winner: The Undertaker

Match Time: 23:27


Mae Young Region

-By Eric Urbanowicz

#1. Ric Flair vs. #3. Sting

*60-Minute Iron Man Match*

Sting and Ric Flair meet in the middle of the ring, staring daggers at each other. Both men look down at “The 3 Point Conversion Presents #ManiaMadness.” They walk back to their respective corners as the referee rings the bell. Sixty minutes starts now!

Both men rush out early and lock up immediately, each looking to get on the board. After about 25 seconds, Flair kicks Sting in the groin and lightly pushes him over with his finger, before going for the pin. One! Two! And a kick out!

Flair collects himself and hooks the leg again, One! And just before the half mark, a kick out!

Flair then grabs the leg and and locks into a figure-four leg lock. Sting squirms for a couple seconds, before tapping out, trying to conserve some energy.

Flair 1 – Sting 0, 53:45 left.

Both men take a couple minutes to breathe. Flair rolls out of the ring to grab a cup of water. Sting meanwhile uses the ropes as leverage to climb up to his feet. Flair notices and runs in, trying to go for a corner clothesline, but Sting dodges and rolls onto the apron. Flair tries to kick him, but Sting grabs the leg and rolls onto it, before Flair grabs the rope for a rope break.

Sting, realizing he bought himself a couple of seconds, raises himself up and walks into the ring again. He flips Flair over and goes for one Flair’s knee drops, and hits it. Sting locks in the Scorpion Death Lock, and Flair taps immediately.

Flair 1 – Sting 1, 34:23 left.

Sting realizes he has a limited window before Flair gets up, so he goes to lock it in again, but suddenly “The Four Horsemen’s” theme starts playing. Standing at the top of the ramp are Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson and Tully Blanchard. Sting lets go of Flair’s leg and gets his signature bat.

As the Four Horsemen walk down to the ring…Kurt Angle, Booker T and Samoa Joe jump out from the crowd. The Main Event Mafia and The Four Horsemen stare face to face, before laying into each other. Angle, once he gets “Double A” on the ground, looks back and gives Sting a thumbs up.

As Sting turns around, Flair hits him with a chair from underneath the ring. Disqualification, point Sting.

Sting 2 – Flair 1, 19:59 left.

Flair goes for a cover immediately, using the ropes as leverage. One, two, three! Referee didn’t see it, so it counts.

Flair 2 – Sting 2, 19:45 left.

Flair, feeling greedy, goes for another cover. One! Two! Kick out!

Flair hits the ropes and hits a leg drop. He goes for a cover. One! Two! Kick Out!

Looking angry, Flair goes to remove the turnbuckle pad. The referee tries to intervene, and Flair pushes him out of the way. Another disqualification for putting his hands on the referee. Point Sting.

Sting 3 – Flair 2. 14:35 left.

Flair turns around and sees Sting right behind him. Sting goes for a military press, and sends him right into the corner without a turnbuckle pad. Flair starts bleed profusely, and looks out of it. Sting goes for the cover. One! Two! Three!

Sting 4 – Flair 2. 13:20 left.

Sting, trying to run out the clock, rolls out of the ring, trying to catch his breath. All of a sudden, he feels breathing down his neck. He turns around, and Abyss is right behind him. Abyss throws Sting back into the ring, right next to Flair. Both men stand up at the same time, and start going at each other.

Flair launches Sting into the ropes, but Sting, still with it, goes for a clothesline, just to miss, and hit the ropes again. Flair catches him on the rebound and hits him with an atomic drop. Flair goes for another figure four leg lock. Sting taps again, realizing he has a two point lead.

Sting 4 – Flair 3. 8:49 left.

Flair gets up, and picks Sting up, brings him over to the corner with that’s missing a turnbuckle pad. He starts slapping Sting’s chest in the corner. Each slap, reddens the chest more and more, to the point that blisters form. The camera pans around to the other side and blood is starting to spew out of Sting’s back.

After a good 3 minutes, Flair perches Sting on the top turnbuckle, and prepares for a SuperPlex. Sting tries to fight out of it, even stopping it a couple times, but after a small struggle, Flair finally gets himself together and hits it. He drapes his arm over Sting’s motionless body. One! Two! Three!

Flair 4 – Sting 4. 1:56 left.

Both men roll to different corners of the ring. Flair towards the corner with no turnbuckle padding, and Sting to the opposite end. The both raise themselves up slowly. Flair, taking more time, starts taunting Sting.

With a full head of steam, Sting runs for the corner and goes for a Stinger Splash. Flair dodges and Sting’s chest hits the turnbuckle. While Sting is stunned, Flair rolls him up. One! Two! Three!

Flair 5 – Sting 4. 0:14 left.

Flair scurries out of the ring before Sting comes to. Five….four….three….two….one!

Winner: Ric Flair 


Von Erich Region

– By Courtlandt Griffin 

#5. Goldberg vs. #2. Bret Hart

(Steel Cage Match)

Two Alphas meet between the four 20 foot walls of the Steel Cage.

Goldberg and Bret Hart look each other in the eyes as the match gets under way. Immediately you can see the power of Goldberg on full display as he drives Hart into the corner. A left, then a right, followed by a stiff uppercut dazes the Heartthrob. Goldberg then goes to work on the midsection of Hart, driving his shoulder into the ribs. Goldberg gloats to the crowd before getting a running start, his eyes set on Hart. Right before he delivers a spear Hart moves out of the way and Goldberg goes barreling into the cage and turnbuckle.

Hart then starts to go to work. He picks up Goldberg and whips him into the cage wall. Hart kicks the back of the knee of the Myth, and then pushes the face of Goldberg into the cage with his boot. As Goldberg makes his way to his feet Hart delivers a devastating clothesline that lays Goldberg out. Hart starts his ascend up the cage but Goldberg out of nowhere it seems grabs the Hitman and powerbombs him to mat.

Both men lay crumbled.

Goldberg, clearly exhausted, gains his bearings first. He crouches in the corner as Hart drags himself up by the ropes. Right as Hart gains his footing Goldberg spears him, cutting the Hitman in half. As Goldberg starts to climb, he gets halfway up the cage. Hart miraculously grabs the foot of Goldberg and drags him down. The action rages on as both men are feeling the effects of the match. Mustering up strength from what seems like thin air, Goldberg begins to gain the momentum. He whips Hart into the ropes, delivering a spinebuster that shakes the ring. Goldberg then picks up the Hitman and starts to drive him into the cage over and over and over again. Goldberg then goes for another power bomb but Hart fights out of it. Hart whips Goldberg into the apron but Goldberg rebounds with a clothesline.

With Hart trying to regain his bearings, Goldberg looks to have bad intentions in his eyes. As Hart gets back his feet Goldberg attempts a super kick but Hart ducks it. Hart then delivers a shoulder check to the knee of Goldberg that buckles Da Man. Goldberg holds his knee writhing in pain, but that doesn’t stop Hart, who smells blood in the water.

Hart begins to stomp on the injured knee of Goldberg, furthering the damage. He then guides Goldberg to the corner, and ties his arms in the ropes. He then delivers a series of chest chops that echo throughout the arena. Hart then takes a step back and goes to climb the cage. Hart then stops and looks at the incapacitated Goldberg and climbs down. Hart then lines up Goldberg and says “this is payback,” and delivers a super kick that claps of the jaw of Goldberg. Hart then climbs the cage, winning the match.

As Hart walks up the ramp he looks back at the ring and is ambushed by The Usos who hit him from behind. As they stand him up, Roman Reigns comes out and screams, “acknowledge me!” Hart shakes his head no as he can barely stand. Reigns then postures to the crowd, “is this really the best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be?” He then with a snarl proclaims, “well this…is greatness on another level!” He then spears the Hitman and leaves him in a heap on stage. The Tribal Chief then says, “no one crosses the bloodline.”

Winner: Bret Hart

Match Time – 32:00


McMahon Region

-By Danny Thompson

#1. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. # 3. Triple H

(Hell in The Cell)

As Triple H enters, he has the advantage. He’s been inside the Cell on nine different occasions, with six wins. He’s focused and locked in and that could spell the end for his opposition.

The glass breaks and Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out the ring, Austin walks to the ring with a bandage over his head after having it busted open with by Brian Pillman in the previous round.  Austin looks upset and no one wants to deal with an upset rattlesnake.

As Austin enters the ring and the referee begins to shut the hell door, “Here comes the Money” hits and Shane McMahon appears from the back with a microphone. Shane announces that there will be no outside interference in this match. Any wrestler that decides to interfere in the match will be arrested on the spot. He also announces that he will be the special emergency referee in case something happens to the referee in the match and demands the doors close and be locked.

The bell finally rings and both men waste no time hitting each other with right hands. Triple H takes control by whipping Austin into the rope and hitting him with a spinebuster. Triple H gets on top of Austin and takes his bandage off and begins to punch the area he was busted open. Austin is again busted wide open and begins to bleed in the center of the ring.

Triple H picks up Austin and throws him out of the ring and onto the floor. The King of Kings exits the ring and throws the Texas rattlesnake against the cell. With Austin bleeding everywhere and staggering, Triple H is in complete control.

He picks up Austin and throws him back into the ring. Triple H goes under the ring apron, grabs a chair and throws it into the ring. The additional time allows Austin the ability to get himself together and starts to mount an offense. A Lou Thesz press starts the attack on Triple H. Austin runs to the top rope and hit a downed Triple H with the bionic elbow off the top rope.

Austin begins to stomp a complete mud hole on Triple H and walks to the chair. Stone Cold waits for Triple H to get up and then begins to unload a series of chair shots on him. The Game is busted open and both men are a bloody mess. Austin throws Triple H off the ropes, kicks him in the stomach and as he was going for the Stone Cold Stunner was hit with a low blow.

The low blow from Triple H leads to a high knee and Austin is down. A bloody Helmsley goes back out of the ring and looks under the apron for something. He proceeds to throw a series of chairs into the ring. Triple H reenters the ring and hits Austin with a running neckbreaker. He picks two of the chairs and lays them around Austin. Triple H picks up Austin and sets him up for the Pedigree. Austin flips Triple H onto the chairs and goes for a pin attempt.

After a count of two, Austin throws Triple H into the turnbuckle. Austin climbs the rope and hits Triple H with a flurry of 10 punches with the crowd chanting after each punch. After the tenth one and a series of middle fingers, Austin attempts a second set of ten punches. Halfway through Triple H throws Austin off of him and he lands awkwardly onto the steel steps. Austin’s right leg hits the steps and he’s in extreme pain.

The Game exits the ring and proceeds to throw the injured Austin in the ring. Triple H puts Austin in the figure four and Austin is screaming in pain. Helmsley is yelling for Austin to tap and proceeds to put more pressure on Austin’s ankle and foot as Austin refuses to quit. The hold is continued for another two minutes until Austin is able to get to the ropes to break free. He crawls over to the opposite corner and holds his ankle. A frustrated Triple H begins to yell at the referee, screaming for him to call the match.

The time spent yelling at the referee allows Austin a chance to hit Triple H with a chop block. But the chop block forces Triple H to make contact with the referee. The referee’s head hits the top turnbuckle and he’s out cold. The Game realizes that both men are down and he runs outside the ring and goes under the apron again. This time he pulls out his trusty sledgehammer.

Shane realizes the referee is down, runs to the ring and begins to unlock the cage. Triple H is screaming just to count to three. A bloody Austin begins to crawl to his feet and Triple H starts to run at him. Austin ducks and Triple H, who stops just short of hitting his brother-in-law in between the eyes with the sledgehammer. The two in-laws begin to argue and it allows Austin to get to his feet. A kick to the stomach and Austin hits Triple H with the Stone Cold Stunner.

Austin crawls over and Shane doesn’t start the immediate count. Austin yells again for Shane to count, and the Game kicks out at two. An upset Austin gets into the face of Shane and Triple H gets up and hits Austin with the Pedigree. Triple H crawls over and begins to pin Austin. Shane begins his count and Austin kicks out at 2 and 9/10ths. 

Triple H tries the Pedigree for the third time and Austin counters it. His counter leads to a Texas Piledriver to Triple H on a chair that was folded in the ring. Austin picks up a bloody Triple H and connects with a second Stone Cold Stunner. Even though Shane attempted a slow count to three, Helmsley was out cold and the Texas Rattlesnake advances to the final 4.

Shane raises the hand of Austin and catches a Stunner for his trouble. A bloody Austin, who finally wins a match in the cell, drinks multiple beers as the Cell raises up and the fireworks go off in the arena.

Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin

Time: 31:02

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