Mania Madness II – Round Of 8: Von Erich Region

Oh you didn’t know?

We’re baaaaaack…

Last year The 3 Point Conversion proudly presented to you…Mania Madness. The concept is simple: March Madness + Wrestlemania = serendipity. Last year we compiled the 64 greatest wrestlers of all time and had them square off in a winner take all tournament to decide the ultimate champion. We found the bottom line, ’cause Stone Cold said so.

As fun as that all was, we started thinking…isn’t it better to share with a friend?

So welcome to Mania Madness II – The Tag Team Edition. Over the coming weeks we’ll give you a tournament of the 32 greatest tag teams of all time. So utilize flash photography if you have the benefit of it, grab a snack and a drink and most importantly, GET THE TABLES!

The road continues with the Von Erich Region:


#1. The Hardy Boyz vs. #8. MNM

Matt Hardy and Joey Mercury start the match with a cold stare before locking up in the middle of the ring. Mercury gets the upper hand early, driving Matt into the turnbuckle with vicious intent. Mercury delivers a flurry of knees to the midsection, crippling the superstar in the corner. Jeff Hardy looks on as his brother is being pummeled.

Mercury, after a running hip drop, tags Johnny Nitro in and the punishment continues. Nitro starts his flurry with a running dropkick to the chest of Matt, slumping him in the corner. Jeff, ever so anxious, begins to start the chant, “Matt, Matt, Matt,” stomping the side of the ring. The crowd starts to roar, joining the chant, “MATT!, MATT!, MATT!” Nitro picks up the staggered Matt, delivering elbows to his head, but Matt counters and delivers a flurry of punches of his own. Matt then rebounds off the apron launching a dropkick to the chest of Nitro, sending him to the mat. As both superstars lay on the canvas, Jeff extends his hand signaling for a tag.

Matt gets the tag and Jeff starts to go to town. Jeff jumps into the ring, immediately giving a running forearm to the chin of Joey Mercury. He then turns his attention to Nitro who is getting to his feet. Jeff starts his flurry with a sequence of clotheslines ending in missile dropkick. Jeff sets up Nitro for the Twist of Fate but is hit from behind by Mercury.

Matt then springs into action, whipping Mercury over the apron out of the ring. Matt then does a suicide dive through the apron into Mercury. Jeff drags himself to the turnbuckle, clearly tired. Nitro then lines up a running boot that connects to the jaw of Jeff.  As Jeff lies in the corner, Nitro attempts to land the Starship Pain but Jeff rolls out of the way. Both superstars lay still on the mat, the match hanging in the balance. Nitro makes it to his feet first, but Matt slides into the ring and delivers a Twist of Fate to Nitro. Jeff then climbs to the top of the turnbuckle, leaping into the Swanton Bomb! He covers Nitro to win the match.

Winner: The Hardy Boyz

Match Time – 23:26


#4. The Shield  vs. #5. The Wyatt Family

An air of fear and order fills the arena as Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt square off as the first two combatants in this 6-man bout. Ambrose and Bray lock up with Ambrose showing his technical prowess early on, catching Wyatt in a standing wrist lock. Ambrose begins to isolate Wyatt, as he whips him into the corner where Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins await. Ambrose begins to land a flurry of punches and knees as Reigns and Rollins hold the arms of Wyatt against the apron. Ambrose starts to taunt Wyatt as he tags in Rollins, who starts his assault with a knee to gut of  Wyatt followed by a running bulldog.

Rollins then whips Wyatt into the apron, and sets up for a hip toss but is countered by a kick to the sternum by Wyatt. Wyatt then lunges to tag in Luke Harper. Harper immediately starts with a massive clothesline to the throat of Rollins, followed by a power slam that rocks the ring.

Harper, feeling the momentum, sets his eyes on Ambrose and Reigns, clubbing them both off the ringside. Harper then drags Rollins to the corner and tags in Erick Rowan. Rowan and Harper then lift Rollins up for a double choke-slam to begin the onslaught. Rowan picks up the dazed Rollins and tosses him into the turnbuckle, attacking him with a flurry of forearms and chops. Bray Wyatt then signals for Rowan to tag him in, Rowan then whips Rollins into the apron who is then planted by Wyatt with a belly to belly slam.

Wyatt, with a crazy look on his face, tunes up the Sister Abigail and with a kiss drives Rollins head in to canvas. He attempts the cover but to no avail as Ambrose breaks the fall. Wyatt, frustrated, sits is disbelief at what just happened. Wyatt then attempts to attack Ambrose, but Reigns spears the distracted Wyatt. Harper then comes in, but Reigns delivers a thunderous spinebuster to dispatch him. Reigns then turns into a big boot from the awaiting Rowan, and then Rowan is clubbed from behind by Ambrose. Ambrose then lands a well time Dirty Deeds, planting the face of Rowan into the mat. Ambrose takes advantage of the chaos and drags Rollins over Wyatt, the ref starts the count and the Shield take the match.

Winner: The Shield

Match Time – 28:34


#3. The British Bulldogs vs. #6. The Wild Samoans

The match between two superpowers was sure for fireworks as Dynamite Kid and Afa stood across from each other. Dynamite immediately targeted the larger Samoan’s lower half, delivering a drop kick to Afa’s legs. Dynamite then delivered a series of stomps to the knee on Afa who was in pain on the mat. In an attempt to control the ring, Dynamite tried to drag the 300+ pound superstar but Afa shoves Dynamite with one hand, sending him flying.

Afa then tags in his equally imposing brother, Sika, who immediately grabs Dynamite and delivers a Samoan Drop. Sika then drags Dynamite to the corner and begins the onslaught on the smaller of the British Bulldogs. Sika and Afa would begin to attack the outmatched Dynamite with a series of hip drops and chops that echoed through the venue.

Sika went in for another hip drop but Dynamite ducks and is able to tag in Davey Boy, who turns the tide of the match. Davey Boy gets a full head of steam into a shoulder charge that staggers the giant Sika. He then lands flurry of punches, but Sika refuses to fall. Davey Boy then sees an opening and locks in a sleeper hold that brings the large samoan to his knees.

Afa breaks up the hold but the damage has already been done. Sika manages to get the tag, but Davey Boy attacks the previously injured leg of Afa. Davey Boy dives at the knee, sending Afa to the canvas. Davey Boy then locks in a Boston Crab that forces Afa to tap.

Winner: The British Bulldogs

Match Time – 19:43


#2. The Hart Foundation vs. #7. The Headshrinkers

The Hart Foundation would populate the ring with Jimmy Hart parading around with his megaphone before the Headshrinkers brought a chaotic pause to it all. The rather imposing Samoan duo entered the ring led by their manager Afa. The two teams would stare at each other before clearing the ring, leaving Jim Neidhart and Samu left to square off.

Neidhart immediately locks up with Samu and meets a wall. Samu breaks the hold and delivers a swift kick to the chin of the Anvil, dazing him. Samu then bounces off the ropes into a body splash that engulfs Neidhart. Samu then tags in Fatu who goes to the top rope and delivers another body splash to the gut of the Anvil.

Having had enough, Bret attempts to enter the ring but is stopped by the referee. While the ref is distracted Jimmy Hart attacks Afa with his megaphone, drawing the attention of Samu. Samu gives chase to Jimmy who begins to run up the ramp. Fatu’s focus gets lost in the commotion, giving Neidhart time to tag in a fresh Bret Hart. Bret goes on the offensive with a flurry of chops and punches that end in a dropkick to the chest of Fatu. Bret then whips Fatu into the apron, leading to a massive spinebuster that leaves the superstar dazed. Bret then locks in the sharpshooter for the win. 

Winner: The Hart Foundation

Match Time – 13:45

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