Mania Madness II – Mae Young Region Finals

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We’re wrapping things up in the Mae Young Region before moving on to the Mania Madness II Finals.

Could there be a more fitting end to a region named after the iconic Mae Young than a matchup featuring The Dudleys and Edge and Christian? That is, of course, assuming we exclude Mark Henry?

I got three words for ya.

Get. The. Tables.


#1. Dudley Boyz vs #2. Edge & Christian 

Tables Match

All four men stand in the middle of the, jawing at each other. Christian asks if the Dudley’s remember what happened at WrestleMania 17. This gets both Bubba Ray and D-Von to go after him, which leads to a chase up the ramp. Edge, being the only one in the ring starts setting up tables all over. By the time he’s done, Edge has created a fortress of tables.

Meanwhile in the back, Christian is somehow standing his ground on his own against both Dudleys. Bubba Ray and D-Von finally get him pinned against the catering table. Without any other option he grabs a large fish and swings it at D-Von, stunning him and knocking him to the ground. Christian hands Bubba Ray the fish and says, “I know you two lovers have some catching up to do….” before taking off back towards the ring.

Bubba Ray looks at the fish and says “it ain’t you, it’s me…I did this in TNA. I ain’t doing this crap again!” Before chasing after Christian.

Back in the ring, Edge has set up an address sign that says “Fort Awesome Welcomes You” along with a  mailbox. He walks to the other side of the ring to get a welcome mat, only to find that the flag on the mailbox is up when he returns. He opens it, reaches inside and finds a letter within, addressed to “Revenge.” He walks into the fort and finds Chavo Guerrero, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder standing in the middle of the ring holding baseball bats.

Edge pleads with them not to attack him, even offering to help them next year in Mania Madness III. Guerrero shakes Edge’s hand and says, “we can do that next year…but this year, we’re getting even.” Ryder hits a “Rough Ryder” and the trio starts hitting Edge on the ground with the bats.

Christian finally makes it back to the ring, and marvels at Edge’s work. He walks inside and finds him laid out on the canvas. Bubba Ray slides in and can’t help but wonder who built this and what happened to Edge. He shrugs before sucker punching Christian.

Christian and Bubba Ray tussle around the ring, until Bubba Ray gets pushed outside the ring and falls to the floor. D-Von out of nowhere runs in and starts attacking. He sets Christian up for a power bomb, only for a chair to come flying in from out of nowhere. D-Von puts Christian down, and looks around frantically, he starts yelling “What?!?! What?!?!?!?!”

Outside the ring, Rob Van Dam and Sabu start throwing random objects in the ring including bats, chairs, guitars, fire extinguishers, and anything else that’s under the ring. Bubba Ray has finally regained consciousness and sees this, before running after them. Before they head for the hills, Sabu throws up a spare ring bell.


D-Von was hit directly in the head with the ring bell and is wobbly. Christian leans himself against a table in the corner, not realizing the danger he’s in. D-Von, stumbling thinks he sees Christian in the corner and charges towards him. Christian pats the the table, realizing what’s going on and slides out of the way. D-Von goes for a cannonball as Christian is moving out of the way.


The table is split in half. D-Von has gone through the table. Christian walks over to Edge, pulls a kazoo out of his tights and puts it in his mouth. Edge, still recovering plays the “Looney Toons” ending on it.


Winner: Edge and Christian

Time: 30:10

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