Keyso Moss- Too Determined To Be Held Down

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We introduce ourselves and he seems excited as if he’s getting ready for a game. His excitement doesn’t overbear his manners as he uses “Yes Sir” every time words are exchanged between us.

Keyso Moss is a 6’1″ 285 lbs senior defensive tackle/fullback at Missouri S&T by way of Anderson, South Carolina. Moss, a football player since little league, has been in love with the sport ever since he first started playing. He grew into the size of a defensive end who also played at the defensive tackle position in high school. His athleticism didn’t just stop there, he ended up not only playing defensive tackle in college but also played fullback.

“Honestly, I can be a great pass rusher at the three-technique and also come in and fill a hole and make a hole for the running back” says Moss. His footwork and speed is what he uses to get past offensive lines and to create lanes for the running backs. On the defensive side of the ball, his explosiveness allows him to cause havoc in the backfield. He credits his hard work and favorite players for his relentless pursuit to the quarterback and ball carrier. 

“My favorite player is a mix between Aaron Donald (Los Angeles Rams) and Geno Atkins (Cincinnati Bengals). They’re 6’0″ guys, and 285-290 lbs guys”, says the senior defensive tackle. Moss gets compared to Donald a lot because of his get off the ball quickness and his hand speed. “A lot of scouts and teams say size matters but when you have guys that don’t have the 6’5″ measurables but have the technique to get the job done, it proves that football is about heart and skill, not size.” 

His hard work and dedication to his craft is not just by accident, he embarks it from his habit and familiarity. “The most inspirational people that made a big impact on my career is probably my mom and grandma”, explains Moss. “Just seeing how hard they were working, making sure we had a roof over our head and a meal on the table meant a lot.” Because of the cost, Moss couldn’t attend most camps. Knowing that he couldn’t let his family down, Moss used that as motivation to take advantage of his athleticism which provided leeways which opened up doors for him to get into college.

Not every thing fell into place for Moss. Slacking off in high school on his grades cost Moss recruit letters from Division I schools. Moss had to settle for junior college and move to California. “One of the pivotal points of my life was going to junior college playing away from home not being on a scholarship, living with five to six people splitting the bill trying to make sure you have something to eat but still missed meals”, stated Moss.

“Then you end up one credit unit short from playing Division I ball when you had Division I offers. That was the pivotal point in my life that opened up my eyes and help me to become a man”, he recalls. Moss not only took school and his grades seriously after that but his play in football rose up as well. Realizing that he would have to right his wrongs, he made a conscious effort to stop disappointing not only himself but his family. 

Moss changed his approach and now benefits from it. He has been invited to a few Bowl games such as the National Bowl which was held in Daytona, Florida, (which he didn’t get to play in because of the quick turnaround from the season), the Dream Bowl that’s held in Virginia Beach, Virginia and the All-American Bowl that takes place in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Moss realizes that current circumstances didn’t get him where he is today but his dreams and goals are what continues to drive him. “My goals are to get that shot to prove I belong and after that, to become a Hall of Famer. Why settle for just being on the roster. I want to be great and I will set a new goal every day. I’m going to set it [goal] to become the best defensive tackle in the league and then after that, set it to become the best defensive lineman in the league.” 

He values his accolades yet embodies his failures from the past which has made him who he is today. “I want to be remembered for the man that did everything that he said he was going to do, that made an impact not only on the football field but off the football field. I’m a believer in Go, kept God first and live with that faith because God is the one who kept me strong.” Check out Moss’ highlight video by clicking here




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