Exhibition Season

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Bowl games. The college football version of the post season, the last chance most fans get to see some of its better or veteran players. It’s how we anticipate all the different match ups and great plays. How much are they really worth? Some players seem to think they aren’t worth ruining their careers by playing these games and you know I agree whole heartedly. Playoffs?

The post season starts with Conference title games. Those games mean something.

Obviously there is now a four-team playoffs system in place. The Alabama Crimson Tide vs. the Washington Huskies and the Ohio State Buckeyes vs. the Clemson Tigers will take place on New Years Eve, the first leg of the actual College football Playoffs. The winners will play on January 9th for the National Title.

These three games will determine the champions and the conference title games does much as to determine who gets into the playoffs. Those are meaningful games and every player should be there playing their hearts out. Now say it with me …..EVERY OTHER BOWL GAME IS AN EXHIBITION GAME!!! It’s annoying to me to see the hypocrisy floating around the sports world these days.

“These young kids” and “what about his teammates” and blah blah blah blah blah blah. It’s an exhibition game!!!!!!

In the same world where we beg for the end of pre-season games, we’re gonna really sit here and judge a kid for skipping out on an exhibition game to work on his craft? Every other bowl game outside of the real playoff system is not worth a career ending injury. Sure you get some cup, trophy or bragging rights etc. sure ..it means nothing absolutely zilch.

That’s really the problem, labeling. The popular branding on a bowl game is that its a post season game. The records indicate as much and we all just go along with it because it’s tradition. Times have changed, let’s call it an exhibition game. If you call it an exhibition game, you’ll remember former New England Patriots’ rookie running back Robert Edwards in 1998, blowing his knew out in a beach touch football (wait for it) exhibition game. How about former New York Giants defensive back Jason Sehorn getting a chance to run back a kick and blowing his MCL in the preseason “dress rehearsal game” versus the New York Jets back in ’98 (the exhibition game strikes again). From Ki’ Jana Carter (Cincinnati Bengals 1995) to Trent Green (St. Louis Rams 1999) to Dustin Keller (New York Jets 2013) exhibition games can make for a bad season (or career).

These games are money grabs plain and simple, so why would you be mad at a young man wanting to sharpen his skills and improve his draft stock to make…more….money? 

Don’t get mad, don’t get mad at Christian McCaffrey, don’t get mad at Leonard Fournette for skipping their respective bowl games. They’re on the verge of millions, plus IT’S JUST AN EXHIBITION GAME and they can be dangerous.


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