Kawhi Leonard- A Max Offer Of Security

Ab Stanley

The San Antonio Spurs have announced they are planning to meet with their All-star forward Kawhi Leonard to discuss his future with the team. San Antonio has gone through a hard fought regular season and were quickly dispatched in the playoffs. Leonard played in only nine regular season games and none of the teams five playoff games due to a quad injury.

On Monday reports came out that the Spurs were ready to meet with Leonard and offer him a super max contract worth around $219 million. This is a frank move by the organization and it will force a number of would be scenarios to unfold. Leonard’s willingness to play has been in question this season, whether its his overall desire or fear of injury.

Leonard is a two time all star and a two time Defensive Player of the Year. If he accepts the deal, then the Spurs have their franchise player for the next five years. All the funny stuff that happened during the regular season will be forgotten and the team can look to add talent around him.

This move by San Antonio comes at a perfect time should Leonard decline the offer. With the NBA draft a little under a month away the Spurs could trade Leonard for one of those picks. In a draft where the talent is deep, San Antonio could get back a future star and few other good players in one transaction. There are a few contending teams with high draft picks that could be looking to add Leonard to an incumbent star.

The Spurs future is anything but certain at this point. Whether Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker will retire or whether Gregg Popovich will return to coach after the tragic passing of his wife is anybody’s guess. This is a situation the Spurs can control by forcing the issue and making Leonard come to a decision sooner than later.

Ab Stanley

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