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The road to the Superbowl has reached its penultimate game. The match-up in the NFC has shootout written all over it. The final NFL game in the Georgia Dome will decide one of the participants in Superbowl LI and it should be fun. The Green Bay Packers (12-6) vs  Atlanta Falcons (12-5).


Keys To The Game

 Offensive: The Packers are shredding every defense they play nowadays. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers has 654 passing yards and six touchdowns in two games so far, making a mockery of would be defenders. The Packers rushed for 75 yards in the Wildcard round and 87 yards in the Divisional round. No other team left in the playoffs has had such a miniscule output in any game this postseason. Rodgers has to continue to put the pressure on the Falcons through the passing game. They will have to put up a bunch of points combating the No. 1 offense in the league.

Defense: The Packers have been better of late defensively. They will need to continue to make plays in the backfield and rack up sacks. If they stay away from giving up the big plays by gang tackling in the open field, they will prevail.


Offense: The Falcons offensively, have been spectacular. Quarterback Matt Ryan, wide receiver Julio Jones and company (a lot of company too) come in with the No. 1 offense overall. That offense didn’t disappointed in a win during the divisional round dropping 36 points and 422 yards of total offense on the vaunted Seattle Seahawks defense. The Falcons will need to score “smart” this game. They should run the football a bit more to keep drives long so the Packers offense can play spectator on the sidelines.

Defense: The Falcons need to get some extra pressure on Rodgers. Make sure not to give up long pass plays downfield the field as Green Bay will obviously be passing. It will be imperative for them to stay away from penalties especially pass interferences and roughing the passer to be exact.



The X-factor for the Packers is linebacker Clay Mathews. Matthews will have to make plays in the short field against those running backs of Atlanta. He also needs to be aggressive at the line of scrimmage and get pressure on the quarterback to keep drives to a minimum .

The X-Factor for the Falcons is defensive end Vic Beasley. The second year pass rusher has gone from bust to boom this season. He will have to make Aaron Rodgers more uncomfortable than a woman wearing a “Go Hillary” shirt at a Donald Trump rally. The key will be to get there in time and avoid penalties. Kill the drives not prolong them.

Prediction: This one should be exciting. There’s have no doubt we will see a bunch of points scored in some of the craziest ways. Atlanta’s offense is better overall, but Rodgers has shown some magic throughout the playoffs. None of these two defenses will make you quiver in your boots. Atlanta wins 35-31.

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