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Say it with me, “The defending NBA Champions are playing better than they ever have.” Wait what? How is that even possible? Aren’t they defending a title already? There’s no simple answer to the question,”How do you beat the Golden state Warriors?” Okay enough with all the inquiries here’s a statement from yours truly “You can’t name one team with enough offense and defense to stop the Warriors in a playoff series.”

Ok all together now “Stephen Curry the defending league MVP is playing his best ball ever.” Again how is that possible? Curry seems to have found the force, the glow or any other cheesy movie reference you can make about finding another level. The kid has “it”. It’s not so much he’s doing anything different from last year, but rather he’s raising the rate of which he’s doing it. Curry is averaging 20.3 shot attempts per game (11.3 from three point range) which is about four more shots than last season. His aggression level has increased to say the least. He sizes up his competition and gets into destroy mode quickly. He’s reached a level where it looks too easy to for him. 

Photo courtesy of Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Photo courtesy of Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Warriors have set a new mark in the NBA with a 23-0 start to the season. They do it on both sides of the ball and they’re just simply overwhelming on offense. They’ve scored 100 or more points in every game this season. The team can roll out a lineup filled with three point shooters in all game situations. Draymont Green plays everything from small forward to center and provides a tough defensive minded presence on the court. Golden State has a deep enough bench including the finals MVP (LeBron stopper) Andre Iguodala for any team to handle. 

The team with all of the young baby-faced ballers has grown up over the summer. Their head coach Steve Kerr is recovering from two back surgeries but of course they don’t skip a beat. Interim head coach Luke Walton has kept this team’s philosophy in place. The two-time NBA champion has done a remarkable job in Kerr’s absence. He received the Western Conference Coach of the Month Award for the team’s hot start under his guidance. As a whole, the team’s confidence has them feeling invincible. This version of the Warriors will rip your heart out and feast on its juices. When it’s time to play the “Bay area” beasts, it starts to cross your mind there’s no lead too big.

The other teams’ status when they play the Warriors is doubtful. Doubtful that they can score enough points. Doubtful they can stop them from scoring. Doubtful that they will miss a bunch of the jump shots they take. Doubtful they can contain Curry. At this point, doubtful they will come out of that game with a win. This year Golden State is the scourge of the NBA. Every other organization will circle the Warriors matchup as “the game”. After the contest starts, all those aforementioned doubts start to creep into your mind. The song “Who Shot You” by the Notorious B.I.G. comes to mind . “I can see sweat trickling down your cheek, your heartbeat sounds like sasquatch feet.” Warning, watch out for raining shots, beware the dreaded Warriors.


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