Free Agent Frenzy

The 2019 NBA free agency didn’t waste any time and started off with a bang. This year’s group of players are on of the best and deepest ever. The list of elite/impact players available is mind boggling.


The Winners:

Brooklyn Nets

With Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving on board, the Nets hit the jackpot. Adding veteran big DeAndre Jordan should not be underestimated, who can still rebound and rim protect at an elite level. It’s not without its risk though: Durant will miss next season recovering from a torn achilles.


Utah Jazz

Utah pulled off a thief in the night move when they poached Bojan Bogdanovic from Indiana. For a team who struggled offensively, Bogdanovic will surely help them with his ability to score. They also added Ed Davis for depth off the bench.


New Orleans Pelicans

Every team needs shooting, so adding JJ Redick made sense and is a shrewd move. He’ll definitely provide that and open up the court with his shooting along with providing leadership. They have done a really good job piecing the team back together after trading franchise player Anthony Davis.


What Were They Thinking?


Orlando Magic

They signed Al-Farouq Aminu but I’m not sure where he fits. The growth and progress of young hopefuls Aaron Gordon and Jonathan Isaac were evident. Why bring in a player who could disrupt or slow that process? This is a puzzling move from the Magic.


Sacramento Kings

With a glut of bigs up front, they go out and sign two more in Dwayne Dedmon and Richaun Holmes. Seems like overkill but more moves could be coming. Strangely enough, none of their bigs can shoot from distance.


Didn’t See That Coming:


Philadelphia 76ers

All the talk surrounding the Sixers was who will they keep or lose. They ended up trading Jimmy Butler, losing JJ Redick in free agency and re-signing Tobias Harris to a max deal. Then they shocked the league by signing Al Horford, who will fit better than most think.


Chicago Bulls

They were not one of the teams expected to make any noise during free agency. Signing Thaddeus Young from Indiana was a savvy move, if not a flashy one. He is productive and offers some veteran leadership to a young front court.

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