Bombs Over The Bronx – Aaron Judge Chasing History

Every week of the 2022-23 season has been exciting for the New York Yankees, and for one player in particular it has been historic.

Aaron Judge has had nothing but success at the plate, which has been the engine behind the Bronx Bombers. Whether it’s  a Grand Slam, a RBI or a spectacular walk-off homer, Judge seems to have magic in his bat.

With that being said what exactly is the Giant of Yankee Stadium chasing?The AL record for home runs in a season by a single player.

The record is currently held by Yankee slugger Roger Maris, with 61 homers in 1961. That season Maris had 132 Runs, 61 HR and 141 RBIs, with a slash line of .269/.372/.620. That was at the ripe young age of 26. Judge is 30 and his season looks like a MLB The Show fantasy. He is currently at 122 Runs, 59 HR, 127 RBIs with a slash of .316/.419/.701. There are 21 games left in the season and there is no doubt that he can surpass Maris’ numbers and set a new bar for Yankee and AL sluggers.

Judge’s bid for history isn’t just about home runs, either.

He currently has a 196 wRC+ or Weighted Runs Created Plus. This stat takes into account factors like era and ballpark and adjusts Runs Created. League average is 100 and Judge has almost lapped the field. 200 is the magic number here and if he can accomplish that he would be in some elite company.

To put it in perspective, the 200 wRC+ mark has only been reached 33 times in MLB history, the most recent being Barry Bonds in 2004. He would be the just the sixth righty to accomplish the feat, joining names such as Mark McGwire, Frank Thomas and Jeff Bagwell, to name a few.

The best part is he would join a gilded group of Bronx Bombers. Only Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Mickey Mantle have done it in pinstripes.

Aaron Judge is having a season that many didn’t see coming. It will go down as one of if not the best offensive season in MLB history. Witnessing it is just as remarkable as it happening. It’s not often that one of the best pitching seasons and batting seasons happen in consecutive years.

One thing is for certain, though: Judge has been the best player in baseball this year regardless of if he reaches those illustrious marks. History can be made and we will have to wait until October 6th when the regular season ends to see if Judge drops the gavel on his bid to be remembered forever.

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