A Series Of Redemption – Houston Astros vs. Minnesota Twins Wild Card Preview

The Houston Astros are looking to put their scandalous ways behind them and show they can win a championship fair and square. The key to doing so is their star batter Jose Altuve, who can still light it up at times. He won’t be the only factor as their championship experience will also need to shine to keep their season going.

The Minnesota Twins have been through the fire this season. After a close race in the American League Central, they will have to show the same grit that saw them clinch the division. Edward Rosario and Jorge Polanco are the duo that can help them do just that.


By the Numbers

Minnesota Twins (36-24) Houston Astros (29-31)
91 Home runs (6) 69 Home runs (19)
.242 Batting Avg (18) .240 Batting Avg (20)
3.58 ERA (4) 4.31 ERA (13)
.232 Opp Batting Avg (7) .239 Opp Batting Avg (13)


Don’t let the numbers fool you, we have seen Houston get hot quickly in the playoffs. Although they are middle of the pack in batting average, they can still fill it up at any time.

The key here is will Minnesota’s bullpen be able to keep the Astros cold for long stretches and give their offense a chance to distance the game. If they can, watch out.


Key Player

Twins – Kenta Maeda

2020 Stats: .168 Opp Batting Avg – 80 Strikeouts – 9 Home runs Allowed

Maeda is one of the stingiest arms in the league. If he can get on a roll, they may let him pitch a complete game to get an upper hand on Houston.


Astros – Jose Altuve

2020 Stats: .219 BA – 18 RBI – 5 Homeruns

If the Astros hope to pull this one out, Altuve will have to dig down into his gut to pullout some heroic magic. His stat line isn’t amazing, but that doesn’t take away from his ability as a player.



Twins over Astros

In the words of Rob Parker, “No way no how” the Astros beat the Twins in this series. The Twins are just too talented and the playoffs are all about talent.

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