2022 NFL Matchup Mania Week 16

T’was the day before Christmas, and all through the league;

There’s a hand full of games, that could shock and intrigue.

As for games to be played, on the real Christmas day?

Leave them on in the background, and watch the kids play.

So based on the standings, and what we have seen,

Here’s the Matchup Mania, for NFL Week 16.


 Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New York Jets

Before Christmas Eve, Thursday’s quite the endeavor,

As Jacksonville runs, with a QB named Trevor;

As they beat the Cowboys, and the Titans did fall,

Celebrations abound, all over Duval;

If this team keeps on winning, they might have a chance,

To play Tennessee Week 18, for the right to advance;

But the Jets though they struggled, and their fans are not merry;

Their defensive front is a group, that is truly quite scary.

With playoff hopes alive, for the Gang Green as well,

Their hopes are to put, the Jaguars through hell;

But with Wilson still starting, their chances deplete,

Postseason hopes parting, after last week’s defeat;

But a win on Thursday, could arise such a clatter,

Losing to the Lions, may not be such a matter.

Because playing next month, is what makes the fans cheer,

The NFL Playoffs, most wonderful time of the year.


Washington Commanders vs. San Francisco 49ers

The fans of the Red Tails, (as they should have been named),

Last week saw their hopes, for playoffs get maimed;

Let’s forget ’bout the fact, they shouldn’t be Commanders,

When it comes to some “justice”, they have become demanders;

With complaints about refs, when they lost to New York,

But settle down people, you don’t get the fork;

Which is to say, friends, that you aren’t quite done,

Though the game with the Niners, is a difficult one;

While the Niners’ defense, is the meanest you’ll see,

Their QB Brock Purdy, has played less than Heinicke;

If Taylor survives, that vicious onslaught,

There’s a chance seed seven, could still be caught;

And the Niners are in, they only fight for position,

Might that help DC, in their playoff mission?


 Detroit Lions vs. Carolina Panthers

Picking this game, might seem a bit risky,

But I assure you these teams, they are rather frisky;

Detroit’s awesome coach, is quite a burly man,

He’ll bite your knees off, this fellow named Dan;

And with quite a roar, the Lions have pounced,

To make for the playoffs while others are bounced.

But Carolina is different, and as it’s occurred,

Could still make playoffs, with a losing record;

As these teams face-off, they still aren’t quite dead,

In a way that Bucs ‘Hawks and Giants might dread.


I know that poetry, won’t get me much fame,

But Happy Holidays — from the Student of the Game.

Kyle Nash

Kyle is from Orlando, Florida

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