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With the Covid-19 pandemic in full force; arenas, stadiums and venues are completely empty. What would be a sure killer for the sports world is being kept alive thanks to various methods and events.

While it’s not the sports world fans know and love, it’s the sports world that’s going to get society through this critical time. The question though, what are those methods?



It sounds odd but despite everything going on, World Wrestling Entertainment and All Elite Wrestling are keeping the spirit of sports alive with their shows taking place.

AEW has run their shows out of Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida, complete with all the pyrotechnics and effects of a normal wrestling show without the audience.

Meanwhile WWE has been running all three of their programs, as well as their biggest event of the year, Wrestlemania, from their Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Though there’s no audience and viewers can hear what’s being said in the ring, it gives an interesting look at what’s not heard and even what goes into putting on a match. Despite being pre-recorded, the matches are kept fresh and they continue to build storylines, so it’s something.


Video Games

When Esports got big, nobody imagined how much it would take off. Nearly a decade since its initial ascent, professional athletes like Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver Jarvis Landry, Brooklyn Nets’ forward Kevin Durant and Los Angeles Angels’ outfielder Mike Trout are playing in various tournaments in their respective sports and are being broadcasted live on networks. However, the one sport that started this, has benefited most

Instead of racing at an empty track, NASCAR drivers have set up actual simulators of their cars to make it seem like they’re really in the drivers seat.

It all start with a simulated race Homestead-Miami Speedway where Denny Hamlin won and then donated any money won to the fight against Covid-19. Since then, despite one hiccup, it’s made shockwaves in the community and has garnered a following.


Replaying Classic Moments

As basic as it sounds, networks are showing reruns of classic moments in sports in their entirety. The moments range from Kirk Gibson’s home run in the 1988 World Series to the Brett Favre’s first game against the Green Bay Packers in 2009 to the Cleveland Cavaliers finally winning an NBA Championship in 2016.

There’s no stone left unturned and every moment is must watch.

For older fans, it gives them a chance to reminisce on moments of their youth and that may have turned them into sports fans.

For the younger generations, it’s a chance to see what came before in the sports world; the hardships some fan bases went through and the triumphs faced in times of adversity. These are the moments that turn casual sports fans into diehards.


Sports writers

This should go without saying (mainly because you’re reading this right now) but sports writers have kept sports fans minds stimulated with a variety of topics from top ten lists to unpopular sports opinions to what if scenarios.

Most places also have podcasts and live shows, us included, on their Facebook pages. While it’s not the same as a live sports event, it’s something that’s keeping the spirit of sports alive and well.

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