The Battle Of Alpha Males In Wales

On Saturday, at Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, Anthony Joshua will match-up against Joseph Parker. The bout will air on Showtime at 5 pm Eastern. Joshua comes into this bout with a record of 20-0 with 20 knockouts. Parker currently has a record of 24-0 with 18 knockouts. This battle of undefeated heavyweights is highly anticipated as both fighters have a lot to lose, as they are both putting their undefeated records on the line along with their championship belts. Anthony Joshua is putting all three on his belts on the line, the WBA, IBF, and IBO heavyweight championship belts. Joseph Parker is putting his WBO heavyweight championship belt on the line. Everything points to this being a great fight as both fighters are in their prime.


Keys To The Fight For Anthony Joshua

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1. Consistent Jab

Joshua has the reach and height advantage in this match-up. He can control the match by keeping the jab in Parker’s face. If Joshua can blind Parker with the jab it will open opportunities for his ultra powerful straight right hand.

2. Endurance

Joshua has only been to the seventh round and beyond four times during his career. Last year against Wladimir Klitschko, in a fight that ended with Joshua winning by technical knockout in the 11th round, Joshua seemed to run out of stem during certain points of the fight. Which is understandable being that it was his first time going beyond the eighth round. Parker has plenty of experience going deep into fights and Joshua better be ready to go into the “championship rounds.”

3. Variety

Joshua has the ability to throw great combinations and it would be in his best interest to do that against Parker. Joshua has to establish his jab but cannot get redundant. He has to double up the jab, feint in and out and throw uppercuts and hooks to keep Parker off balance and make it hard for Parker to get on the inside.


Keys To The Fight For Joseph Parker

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1. Get on the inside

Parker has to get on the inside of Joshua’s defense. Parker is 6’4″ with a 76 inch reach going against Joshua who is 6’6″ with an 82 inch reach. Due to the reach disadvantage for Parker, he has to get on the inside to not only land punches but to smother Joshua’s punches. Joshua is a very powerful puncher: Parker can take some of the sting off of those punches by not allowing Joshua to fully extend when throwing his punches.

2. Head Movement

Parker has to make sure he keeps his head moving. He cannot give Joshua a stationary target as Joshua tries to establish that long jab. Parker will have to make Joshua miss to find a way on the inside to land punches. Parker may also want to circle away from the dangerous right hand of Joshua.

3. Body Work

Joshua’s endurance has been questioned in the past and the best way to test a boxer’s endurance is to attack their body. If Parker can slow Joshua down by consistently going to the body, that could open up some head shots for Parker. If Parker can counter Joshua’s jab with hooks to the body it may cause Joshua to not throw his jab with the full amount of power that he normally does.



This will be a great fight while it lasts, as Parker will give Joshua some trouble with his persistence and will. Parker has skill and power but has been susceptible to power punches to the head. That will be his downfall in this match-up as he will take too much punishment from Joshua. Joshua will knockout Parker in the eighth round.

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