Skill vs Power: Preview of Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder II

On December 1, 2018 , Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury fought each other for Wilder’s WBC Heavyweight Title. The match was a back and forth affair that saw Fury get knocked down twice by Wilder’s legendarily powerful right hand but unlike almost all of Wilder’s opponents, Fury got up off of the canvas to finish the fight. The fight was scored a split decision draw by the judges.

Since that night both men have stayed active, adding two victories each to their records. Wilder added to his legend by knocking out Dominic Breazeale and Luis Ortiz.

Fury got an easy TKO over Tom Schwarz and that was followed up by an unexpected true test from Otto Wallin, where Fury found himself cut badly. Fury had to show his toughness and perseverance to win that fight.

Deontay Wilder now holds a record of 42-0-1 with 41 knockouts while Tyson Fury is now 29-0-1 with 20 knockouts. How will each fighter go about trying to stay undefeated?


Deontay Wilder

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1.) Memory Of A Fish

Deontay Wilder has to have a very short memory going into this bout after his success in 2019. Wilder added two of the most dynamic knockouts the boxing world has ever seen to his highlight reel. Each knockout was done with a straight right hand.

Wilder has been able to depend on that punch for his whole career except for the first time he fought Tyson Fury. Fury dodged and ducked out of the way of the straight right hand for most of the fight. Wilder has to know the straight right might not be there and be ready to go to a backup plan.


2.) Be The Short Guy

Deontay Wilder is 6’7″ with an 83″ reach. There are very few times in life, let alone in the ring, where he is the “Short Guy”. When The Bronze Bomber is in the ring with Tyson Fury he is indeed two inches shorter and his reach is two inches shorter.

Wilder has to adjust to being the “short guy” and throw short, inside punches. There were a lot of opportunities in the first bout for Wilder to land uppercuts and hooks. Fury is very slick in the ring and Wilder has to mix up his attack to give Fury more to think about than just the straight right hand.


3.) Body Work

The defending heavyweight champion has never had to concentrate on going to the body during his career. He has the ultimate eraser with his straight right hand and is usually the taller, longer fighter.

In the last bout against Fury, Wilder went to the body a few times with left hooks. Wilder can give Fury a lot to think about with some concentrated body work. When Wilder gets Fury on the ropes, he has to maintain his composure and go to the body when Fury tries to escape the from the ropes or tie Wilder up.


Tyson Fury

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1.) Avoid The Hammer

Tyson Fury and all of the boxing world knows that Deontay Wilder wants to end the fight with a straight right hand. Fury was able to stay away from Wilder’s right hand for most of the bout the first time around until the ninth and twelfth rounds where Wilder was able to knock him down.

Fury shocked the world by getting up after he was hit with a massive straight right and left hook in the last round. The Lineal World champion may not be able rise up off of the canvas if caught with the deadly punch again.


2.) Switch Up The Dodge

The Gypsy King is a very slick boxer that’s hard to hit. He does a great job of slipping, dodging and getting out of the way of punches. There is a technique to making your opponent miss and one part of it is not slipping, or dodging in a predictable way.

In the first fight, Fury got into the habit of ducking down to get out of the way of Wilder’s right hand. Wilder was able to time Fury’s dodge movement in the 12th round to knock him down. If Fury becomes predictable in his dodges, Wilder will be able to set up his punches based on anticipating where Fury will move.


3.) Bring The Pain

The undefeated heavyweight star is not known for his power like his opponent but has to ability to bring the pop with his punch. In the first bout, Fury was able to hit Wilder with stinging jabs and right hands that gave Wilder cause to pause throughout the bout.

Fury has to make Wilder respect his punch, so that Wilder doesn’t just feel compelled to swing in a wild manner without the consequence of a counter punch that could hurt him.



This will be an excellent bout that has action along with tactful moments of strategy. Wilder has improved with his boxing ability enough to catch Fury with a right hand that Fury won’t be able to rise up from. Wilder will win a tough battle by knockout with a straight right hand in the 10th round.


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