UCF Football-When A School Gets It Right

Entering the bowl season, an undefeated conference champion UCF team was ranked 12th by the College Football Playoff committee. Every person associated with the football program felt slighted and disrespected, as they were scheduled for the Peach Bowl, rather than getting a shot at the College Football Playoff. The country loves a good story and an underdog. UCF checked both boxes.

So there was only one thing left to do. Wait, before we go there, something huge happened. Head Coach Scott Frost accepted the same position at Nebraska, his alma mater. He was also taking his entire staff with him. What could have been a disastrous distraction, only galvanized the team and it’s fan base.

Ok, back to the bowl game. The Knights went out and beat not only a Power 5 school, but an SEC team in Auburn. The undefeated cinderella season was completed. UCF athletic director Danny White said they would hang an undefeated banner in their stadium, which would have tied a nice bow on the season. However, he did not stop there.

White defiantly said that they are claiming the National Championship. Take that, College Football Playoff committee. The story gets even better. He also said the entire coaching staff (yes, the same one leaving) will get National Championship bonuses. It’s an unprecedented move that makes UCF a hot destination. Talk about seizing the moment. Kudos to Danny White.

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