The Cleveland Browns And The Parade of Misery “Dilly Dilly”

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Usually when a team has a parade, it’s to celebrate a championship. Among the attendees are celebrities, former players of the team that won and of course, the team itself. However, on January 6th, 2017, that all changes. Chris McNeil, a “Cleveland Browns fan,” who since has been viewed by many other Browns fans as a judas of sorts, has decided to have the “Perfect Season 2.0 Parade.”

The parade will take place on Saturday, January 6th, with a route that will essentially be in the shape of a zero, as it will go around First Energy Stadium. It will feature all normalities of a regular parade including a “Perfect Season 2.0 Queen,” cars, and attendees. The event is said to feature Muni Lot (Municipal Parking Lot) regulars, driving their RV’s and campers around the stadium, and holding the homemade tombstone signs of all 28 of the Browns starting quarterbacks. As of this writing, the Facebook event page boasts 18K people interested in the parade, and 5.7K claiming to attend it.

McNeil has also started a GoFundMe page to accommodate the expenses for the parade. His goal was to reach $10,000, which has since been eclipsed by $2,514, totaling a grand total of $12,514, raised in two months by 205 people. The money won’t be pocketed and will go towards the parade for insurance, fees, security, restrooms, and other expenses.

While the city of Cleveland has endured a hard season with the Browns going 0 and 16, it doesn’t help that the fans want to revel in this achievement. The Browns aren’t the first team to have “a perfect season,” as the 2008 Detroit Lions became the first team since expanding the NFL season to 16 games to lose every single contest. However, the city of Detroit, which has seen much tougher times with the economy, didn’t have a parade to celebrate mediocrity. While there’s a good chance this is all for fun, the parade has angered a lot of Browns fans, who have encouraged other annoyed fans to voice their displeasure.

Cleveland comedian Mike Polk called the parade an act of defiance, however to many, this is just seen as a slap in the face. Expect hostility, backlash, and a good chance for the parade to be shut down. There’s reasons to have a parade, but this is not one of them.

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