MLB’s Next Dynasty

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A general manager’s goal when he first takes a job is to build a team that can go all the way and win a championship. However, deep in the back of their mind’s, they can’t help but think about the idea of building a dynasty.

Every general manager want’s their team to be spoke about in the same way as the late 1990’s New York Yankees or the Cincinnati’s “Big Red Machine” of the 1970’s. With so many general managers thinking about this, it leads to the question, who will be the next dynasty?

After deliberation, there’s four real teams that could do it. Whether it’s building through the minors and developing talent to the point that they can dominate or spending that extra money on top tier free agents, these teams are on pace to do great things.


 Milwaukee Brewers

Last year, Milwaukee was one game away from going to their first World Series since 1982. Lead by the National League’s Most Valuable Player, right fielder Christian Yelich, the team has a good balance of defense, speed and hitting. What makes this team even more dangerous is that most of them are signed for medium lengths (between three and four years).

Should the Brewers not mess anything up, they could make a run at dominance. Their biggest concern right now is breaking the glass ceiling but overall, they have the make of the 2017 World Champion Houston Astros. They just need to put it all together.


 Seattle Mariners

Nobody could have predicted the start Seattle is off to following this offseason. After trading away closer Edwin Diaz, second baseman Robinson Cano and starting pitcher James Paxton, it looked like they were in for a long rebuild. A few weeks into the season marathon, they’re the best team in baseball.

Most of their players are under 30 years old and have the potential to do something special and introducing them to the taste of success early, is all it could take to build a champion for years to come.


 Tampa Bay Rays

The former laughing stocks of the American League East, the Rays seemingly came out of nowhere since their 2008 World Series appearance and have made sporadic runs. That said, baseball could have seen the beginning of a special era in Tampa Bay had they not struggled early on last year, costing them a spot in the Wild Card.

Tampa Bay’s focus on starting pitching is the corner stone to a potential dynasty. Add young talent with huge upside and the Rays could be a team that can do a lot over the next few years.


Atlanta Braves 

They recently signed two potential franchise players in left fielder Ronald Acuna Jr. and second baseman Ozzie Albies. They have seasoned veterans like right fielder Nick Markakis and third baseman Josh Donaldson.

When this team gets on a roll, they’re dangerous beyond any teams’ wildest dreams. The youth of this team is overshadowed only by the talent they possess. The Braves could be a very dangerous team for years to come.

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