NFL Top Ten Best Trios: QB/RB/WR

1)  Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger/Le’Veon Bell/Antonio Brown

Big Ben is still a very productive quarterback putting up solid numbers. Bell is the best running back in the NFL because of his pass catching ability. Brown is the best receiver in the NFL because he can produce on all three levels (screens/short passes, intermediate routes and the deep balls).

2)  New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees/Alvin Kamara/Michael Thomas

Brees is at the top of his game and showing no signs of slowing down. Kamara burst on the scene with an outstanding rookie campaign. He is equally dangerous running or catching it out the backfield. Thomas won’t blow you away but he is consistent and sure handed.

3)  Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan/Devonta Freeman/Julio Jones

Although Ryan came off an inconsistent season, he’s been a model of consistency throughout his career. His stats were still solid for a “down” year. Freeman is a dynamic runner with pass catching skills as well. Jones is the second best receiver in the NFL. He simply produces and is a threat every time he touches the ball.

4)  Houston Texans:

Deshaun Watson/Lamar Miller/DeAndre Hopkins

Watson showed his ability before getting injured. No reason to think he won’t get right back to performing at a high level. Miller has been durable and productive and is a sneaky pass catcher. Hopkins is a true star. He catches everything thrown at him.

5)  Los Angeles Chargers

Philip Rivers/Melvin Gordon/Keenan Allen

Rivers continues to sling it all over the field. He’s a quarterback who puts up prolific stats nobody talks about. Gordon has established himself as a top tier running back. He’s also improved as a pass catcher. Allen is finally healthy after two seasons of injuries. He served notice last season that he’s back.

6)  Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rogers/Jamaal Williams/Davante Adams

Rogers is the best quarterback in the NFL because he can make every throw and make it look easy. He’s coming off an injury and eager to get back on the field. Williams had a solid rookie showing. His production should increase with more touches. Adams missed a few games and his numbers were still good. He’ll be the number one target for Rogers now that Jordy Nelson is in Oakland.

7)  Los Angeles Rams

Jared Goff/Todd Gurley/Brandin Cooks

Goff is coming off an impressive season. More weapons means better numbers. His growth from rookie to sophomore was sizable. Gurley is a top three back in the NFL and an absolute workhorse. Cooks is coming off a very good season in New England and will give Goff a much needed deep threat.

8)  Arizona Cardinals

Sam Bradford/David Johnson/Larry Fitzgerald

It’s not a question about Bradford’s talent, it’s his durability. In 2016, he was healthy in Minnesota and put up Pro Bowl numbers. He was hurt again last season. Johnson is looking to reestablish himself as a top back after a severe injury. Fitzgerald continues to defy the odds and produce at a high level. Precise route running and great hands are the reason.

9)  Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz/Jay Ajayi/Alshon Jeffery

Wentz was possibly on his way to offensive player of the year before he got hurt. He was absolutely terrific and looks to be primed for another big season. Ajayi will be the featured back now, so expect bigger numbers. He’s a tough runner and slippery between the tackles. Jeffery is a big target who high points the ball very well. He’ll team up with tight end Zach Ertz as a scary red-zone tandem.

10)  New York Giants

Eli Manning/Saquon Barkley/Odell Beckham Jr

Manning put decent numbers despite the lack of protection and injuries to his receiving corps. With better protection and healthy receivers, he should bounce back. Barkley has all the tools to be a great back. He will take some pressure off Manning. Beckham Jr. will come back with a vengeance and look to keep himself among the top receivers in the NFL.

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