National League Championship Series Preview: Blue Crew vs Brew Crew

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With a chance to represent the National League in the World Series on the line, two teams with a purpose look to make it back to the promised land for the first time since the 1980’s. The Los Angeles Dodgers, while not smelling a championship for nearly 30 years, look to rebound from a stunning defeat at the hands of the Houston Astros in last years’ World Series. Meanwhile the Milwaukee Brewers look to give something to the city that they haven’t had since 1972: a championship. Milwaukee, among all current sports cities has the third longest drought, behind San Diego and Buffalo. With each team looking to etch their name into the history books, it’s time nearly go time for the National League Championship Series.

In the season series, Los Angeles has beaten Milwaukee four games to three. They lead the Brewers in every major stat category, except for two: they have struck out more and they have less overall hits. If this is any indication of what’s to come, the Dodgers hold a distinct advantage over Milwaukee.

Players to watch:

Los Angeles: Catcher, Yasmani Grandal: Overall, Grandal has been one of the best offensive catchers in the National League this year. However, when it comes to defense, he’s going to need to be on his toes. Milwaukee was fourth in all of baseball in stolen bases and with the ability to advance bases like clockwork, it can make a world of difference. It will also come down to how well he can call the games behind the plate. Even though the pitchers are good, including a future hall of famer, if he can’t call a good game for them, they’ll be in trouble. Catchers are the conductors of the symphony- one faulty note played can ruin the whole experience.

Milwaukee: Shortstop Orlando Arcia: Arcia is silently putting together a good postseason in a position of stars, against strong pitching. While batting .250 with an RBI and a home run may not seem like much, he’s had more success than players like Colorado’s Trevor Story, and Chicago’s Javier Baez. While the Dodgers’ Manny Machado may have more power, his .176 is a little bit suspect. He could make more of a difference in this series than one may think.

Prediction: Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Milwaukee Brewers in six games

While the underdog often surprises in this round, it’s hard to pick them. The Dodgers line up is just too strong, and their pitching is even stronger. Milwaukee will definitely win at least one game. However, when you’re facing the talent that Los Angeles has around the diamond, unless you match nearly perfectly, then you’re in trouble. Don’t fully count Milwaukee out because strange things happen in October, and the betting line is closer than one may think but for this article, it’s the Dodgers over the Brewers in six games.

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