Music City Sluggers!? – Music City Baseball’s Push for Major League Team in Nashville

There are few cities that can truly house multiple professional sports teams. New York, Miami and basically all of California are some that come to mind when we think of large market areas. But.. one city is coming up big as a prime location for professional sports.


Yes, good ole’ Nashville, Tennessee. With the Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators and Nashville Soccer Club already being well established in the city, it’s not farfetched to think that other professional organizations are looking to expand into the growing market.

The Music City Baseball, which is a group of investors, sees that and are getting major people involved to get a team in Nashville. One important person is Justin Timberlake, a Memphis native, who has emerged as a big-time investor in the idea of Major League ball in Tennessee. J.T. seems really into this idea as he has said, I am thrilled to be involved in the movement to bring Major League Baseball to the great state of Tennessee.”

The MLB hasn’t expanded in almost two decades and it doesn’t look like it may happen any time soon. Yet, that hasn’t stopped Music City Baseball from pursuing this endeavor, and for good reason.

Nashville has all the makings of a great baseball city. There is a healthy baseball fanbase with the Nashville Sounds whom could possibly be a built-in Minor League affiliate. Not to mention, it’s already a great sports culture established in Nashville.

With baseball minds like Dave Dombrowski, former President of Baseball Operations for the Boston Red Sox, giving their insight, this has major headway. Not only are there great baseball minds but there is also diversity within the organization. Names like former Oakland A’s All-Star pitcher David Stewart and Negro League Baseball Museum President Bob Kendrick, are big players in this as well.

The name of the team as it stands would be the “Nashville City Stars”, which has a lot of historical context behind it. Not only does it allude to the celebrity “stars” in the area, but it also pay homage to the Negro League team that bore the name.

Being a Nashville native, most here would love to see this happen. Besides bringing the MLB to Nashville, it would also bring diversity to MLB ownership. Let’s not forget that it would shine a light on the black pioneers of the sport that produced the likes of Jackie Robinson and countless others.

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