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The NFL has turned into a pass happy league since the new century began. It’s well known that the quarterback (QB) gets all the glory but in most cases, the wide receivers are the ones who make the QBs look good. 


I will rank the top 10 WRs in order from 10-1. Mr Controversy’s list is based off the following criteria:

Stats– Of course your stats has to be appealing to the eye although some might have had significant injuries or an injury plague season last year.

Hands– Have to be able to catch the ball without dropping the ball consistently. This might hurt some players positioning. 

Reliablity– The receivers has to come up when their team needs them the most whether its late in the game or during a big third down.

Ability to dominate a game– Certain receivers can be big in a game by having five catches and 128 yards with two TDs but that’s not dominating a game. Dominating a game is more like 8-9 catches 103 yards and a one or more touchdowns. Basically keeping the chains moving and can’t be stopped.



Here’s the list!!


10.) Alshon Jeffery, Chicago Bears; (2014) 85 rec, 1,135 yds; 10 TDs

Alshon Jeffery has show us the last two years that he is worthy of top 10 consideration as far as receivers. Why #10? Jeffery hasn’t had the chance to show us he’s a legitimate #1 receiver (because of Brandon Marshall). Does Peerless Price ring a bell?  


9.) Odell Beckham Jr., New York Giants; (2014) 91 rec, 1,305 yds; 12 TDs

Odell Beckham Jr. displayed his electrifying skills as he took the NFL by storm by only playing in 12 games. He will be a force to be reckon with in the future. Why #9? Yes, his numbers were at the top of the list but there was no game film on him till late in the season and we want to see him do it again. Mike Wallace disappeared after one sensational year also.


8.) Brandon Marshall, New York Jets; (2014) 61 rec, 721 yds; 8 TDs

Brandon Marshall is one of the most consistent receivers in NFL history. After seven straight seasons over 1,000 yards receiving, his streak was broken last year due to an injury plague season and missing three games. He’s gained a 1,000 yards with three different QBs, why not another one?


7.) Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos; (2014) 111 rec, 1,619 yds; 11 TDs

Demaryius Thomas is one of the most exciting wide receivers in today’s game. Thomas has all of the stats so why #7 you ask? Thomas isn’t physical and doesn’t dominate games. He’s a big play guy but he’s not your 3rd and … guy. You can get eight catches a game with Peyton Manning easily.


6.) Jordy Nelson, Green Bay Packers; (2014) 98 rec, 1,519 yards; 13 TDs

Jordy Nelson might be the most complete wide receiver in the NFL. He has speed, great hands, great route running, discipline and comes up big when team needs him the most. Yes, he has Aaron Rodgers but Nelson would excel anywhere.


5.) Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons; (2014) 104 rec, 1,593 yards; 6 TD

Julio Jones is freak of nature at the wide receiver position. He finally showcased what he can do as a #1 receiver. Jones ability to run past you, go across the middle and shed tacklers makes him a legitimate top five reciever.


4,) A.J. Green, Cincinnati Bengals; (2014) 69 rec, 1,041 yards; 6 TDs

A.J. Green has dealt with his fair share of injuries but when he’s healthy, he is unstoppable. Catching from the less talented QB out of all the receivers, he has still yet to be stopped even as their best talented player on his team by far.


3.) Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys; (2014) 88 rec, 1,320 yards; 16 TDs 

Dez Bryant keeps proving that Jerry Jones made the right choice picking him. He might have had 22 TDs with 1,600 yards if they didn’t run so much last year.  Bryant is the one receiver from this list that you want in a big game. He might talk a lot but his game has more bite then his bark. 


2.) Calvin Johnson; Detroit Lions; (2014) 71 rec, 1,077 yards; 8 TDs

Yes, I can’t believe that Calvin Johnson isn’t #1. He did have an injury plague year and he missed three games. Megatron still is the most feared receiver in the NFL. When healthy he is also the most dangerous player on the field. 


1.) Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers; (2014) 129 rec, 1,698 13 TDs

Yes, I can’t believe Calvin Johnson isn’t #1 but Antonio Brown makes it believable. Brown is the only receiver to run his routes full speed and still run them with precision, which makes him the hardest receiver to guard. Always reliable, he never seems to drop passes and doesn’t take hard hits because of his elusiveness. Brown is the #1 receiver in the NFL.


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