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Another month is in the books, so now it’s time to see how the MLB power rankings have changed. Which teams went up, which ones went down, who stayed sideways, we got them all here!


30. Oakland A’s (-)

This team is exactly what Rachel Phelps was trying to turn the Cleveland Indians in the movie Major League into. Long stretches of losing, fan support seemingly dwindling and the move towards relocation is making the film come to life. No matter if they move to Las Vegas or stay in Oakland, a hard look into the team’s ownership is needed.

29. Kansas City Royals (-1)

Good thing Kansas City has the Chiefs, because their baseball team could take a while to figure out. The Royals are in a place where they’re feeling out who on the team has a place and who doesn’t. Sometimes this takes games and sometimes it takes seasons. This one already feels like it’s going to be seasons, so strap in.

28. Chicago White Sox (+1)

Celebrating the White Sox moving up one spot in our power rankings would be like Chicago Bears fan celebrating the Houston Texans winning their final game and securing the first overall pick. Mainly, celebrating that their team played poorly but there’s a positive for it. Sorry, they’re still playing really badly right now.

27. Washington Nationals (-2)

One has to wonder how much longer manager Dave Martinez will be in Washington. The World Series in 2019 win definitely helps his case, but since the rebuild started, it feels like the Nationals have been flat. The potential of this team is too good to waste.

26. Colorado Rockies (+1)

Fun fact: the Rockies, their triple-a affiliates (Albuquerque Isotopes) and their double-a affiliates (Hartford Yard Goats) are either in last place or in second to last place in their respective divisions. Meanwhile their high-a affiliates (Spokane Indians) and single-a affiliates (Fresno Grizzlies) are near the top of their divisions. What does this mean? It’s going to be a long couple of years for this organization (who still haven’t cracked .500).

25. Cleveland Guardians (-5)

Cleveland had a nasty skid, but there’s some positives here, including some of their younger talent getting a chance to play. Seeing their younger pitchers get a chance while the bigger names are hurt is definitely nice to see. It would be nice to see a few others make the jump at this point but it may be better to take it as it comes.

24. Chicago Cubs (-5)

One of the heads of this site had a “controversial” opinion that the Cubs should have been higher last month, so naturally we dropped them lower this month. It also didn’t hurt that their recent play justified the drop. Simply put the Cubs are going to have some hard decisions to make in a little more than a month, and their fans may not be happy.

23. St. Louis Cardinals (+1)

Who would have thought the Cardinals and Cubs would be exchanging last place in the National League Central? They’re also a team that will probably have to make some decisions next month: the only difference is the pieces they could trade off will have more value than Chicago. Talk about a strange race.

22. Detroit Tigers (+4)

Could there be some “Miggy’s Last Run Magic” in Detroit? Probably not, but they did climb up the rankings a little bit. It’s possible they go on a tear at some point this season, but it wouldn’t be recommended to hold your breath to see them go on a magical championship run.

21. Philadelphia Phillies (-4)

And the fall from grace continues for Philadelphia. While last year’s late season push was a sign to never count them out late, the loss of momentum from last year is apparent. If they don’t stop the bleeding soon, questions will start to arise with general manager Dave Dombrowski.

20. Cincinnati Reds (+2)

Cincinnati’s youth movement is starting to yield some results and they’re beginning to climb the ladder a little bit. It’s far too early to say this is how they make the playoffs, but it’s the perfect time to say they should build around these pieces. They may be closer to competing than we think.

19. San Diego Padres (-1)

Probably the most disappointing team in MLB right now, San Diego’s season is finding ways to go from bad to worse. Rough performances have led to what one insider called “fissures” in the clubhouse. This team was the heavy favorite going into the season. At the moment, they look like another failed super team.

18. San Francisco Giants (+5)

It’s hard to get a real read on the Giants under Gabe Kapler. They’ve competes with the division’s best and they’ve been in the basement under his leadership. It’s the weird in between that’s been more puzzling, and that’s kind of what we’re seeing this year.

17. Pittsburgh Pirates (-15)

Ouch. After starting the season red hot, Pittsburgh fell hard back down to earth. They’re by no means out of the division race but they’re starting to sink quickly. If manager Derek Shelton can figure out what went wrong and fix it, they could be a threat. If not, then we could talking about what changes need to be made.

16. Boston Red Sox (-2)

A simple look at the division will show Boston near the bottom, however they’re still firmly in the wild card race along with the other three American League East teams that don’t lead the division. Last place isn’t an indictment like some Red Sox fans on social media are saying it should be, but they may need another winning stretch to flex their true ability.

15. Miami Marlins (-4)

Miami is still not producing enough runs and giving up more runs by the month. This time, it ultimately dropped them lower on the power rankings. They’re going to have correct the course if they’re going have any shot of playing in October. It’s sad but it’s kind of true right now.

14. New York Mets (+1)

The Mets didn’t really get that much better, as one of the teams ahead of them dropped. They’re still a disappointing team early on this season, but they’re at least making some ground, a little at a time.

13. Toronto Blue Jays (-7)

Another major drop off from the first month of the year, Toronto isn’t looking as sharp as they previously did. Part of the problem seems to be their pitching. If they can figure out the inconsistencies on the mound, don’t be shocked if they go on a run.

12. Seattle Mariners (+9)

Seattle finally started playing like the team we saw last season. This shouldn’t be the first time we see them jump up the rankings but it may be the kickstart needed to build upon last year’s success.

11. Milwaukee Brewers (-6)

They end the month as the division leader in the National League Central, but a question of confidence may come into play here. This month saw three teams in the division fall and two rise. If Milwaukee wants to stay on top, they’re going to have to do better next month or else objects in the rear view mirror may be closer than they appear.

10. Los Angeles Angels (+3)

The Angels jumped up a few spaces and continue to roll. Phil Nevin’s squad is finally starting to play like the roster they’ve had. If they can keep this pace up, they could ultimately dethrone the Houston Astros in the American League West.

9. Minnesota Twins (-1)

A slight slip but that’s more from teams starting to make their jumps now. Minnesota is looking like the cream of the crop in the American League Central. As long as they build this lead, October should be their next destination.

8. Houston Astros (+4)

This may be where Houston really turns up the heat. Contrary to what people on social media say, they’re still a good team and should make a run to the playoffs. How they go is another question but under the leadership of manager Dusty Baker this team has been ferocious and a championship threat.

7. New York Yankees (+9)

Well, they made it into the top ten finally. However, they’re not the top American League East team that many felt they’d be. There’s still time to do that, especially with how the Yankees are hitting right now. The bugs are still there in New York, but don’t be surprised if they stay relatively close to this spot next month.

6. Arizona Diamondbacks (+4)

Did anybody expect the Diamondbacks to enter the month in sixth place? This surprise is definitely welcome and a really good sign for their coaches and managers. The staff had so much potential but was failing to live up to it. Now they’re knocking on the door of the top five.

5. Atlanta Braves (-1)

Atlanta hangs onto their top five spot thanks to better production. It’s getting close now, and teams are nipping at their heels. The Braves are usually a threat and this is no different, but they can’t afford any more slips.

4. Los Angeles Dodgers (+5)

Los Angeles has climbed the ladder and are back in the top spot for the National League West. They’re producing well, they’re pitching well and they’re just a well balanced team. Could they be higher? Maybe one spot but they’re going to have to put it into the next gear, as well as make an example out of Arizona.

3. Baltimore Orioles (-)

Baltimore stays where they are from last month, however that doesn’t tell the whole story for them. The real story is Baltimore really closed the gap on the Tampa Bay Rays (we’ll get to them) and now can be seen as a threat. They’re hitting their marks and are reaping the benefits of doing so.

2. Texas Rangers (+5)

Texas staked their claim this month and really jumped in the rankings. Manager Bud Black has this team playing extremely well and may finally be getting this team in position to win their first World Series. Of course this could change at the snap of a finger but for right now, they’re the second best team in baseball.

1. Tampa Bay Rays (-)

Tampa Bay stays at the top of the rankings, but like we said with Baltimore that doesn’t tell the whole story. They lost twice as much as they did last month, and allowed Baltimore to climb back into the race. They’re still the best team in baseball, but things are starting to get a little closer, and it wouldn’t be surprising if they didn’t make it three months at the top of the power rankings.

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