Mayweather vs McGregor World Press Tour: War of Words


The circus that was the May Mac World Tour lived up to the low-brow expectations that were put out by many fans prior to the first stop in Los Angeles.



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Day 1: Los Angeles, California offered the most from a visual stand-point and the only interesting physical factor was to see the true height advantage Conor McGregor had over Floyd “Money” Mayweather. The betting public acted accordingly as after the first day of the press conference tour, the betting line dropped to plus-350 underdog odds for McGregor, down from opening at plus-650 when the fight was announced.



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Day 2: Toronto, Canada brought more of an organized verbal assault. Conor McGregor opened up, following an introduction from Toronto Native Drake, hurling insults at everyone from Showtime executive Stephen Espinoza to Mayweather’s security team. The insults did not stop coming as McGregor was surely dressed to impress and came prepared for the evening.

Floyd attempted to get back at McGregor in his usual “Money style” but it just wasn’t enough as the fans took to the glowing underdog. At this point in the tour, it’s made clear, and cleverly embraced by Mayweather, that the entire Money Team is the heal in the fight. Applying the usage of the word heal, rather than “B” side, makes it clear this fight is appealing to a wide-spread audience in a brilliant marketing strategy apart of sports entertainment.




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Day 3: New York, New York perhaps was a race to the bottom as both fighters brought the low of low when it comes to verbal exchange of classlessness. The frustration grew within the Brooklyn crowd as the press conference had a 2-hour delay to the start. This is where the tour truly peaked as it made many friends ask why is this on for the 3rd consecutive day? Fair point and well taken here.

The third day was the biggest disappointment until perhaps the actual fight itself. McGregor angrily strolled around in a polar bear coat with the same rhetoric as he stated in the other days. Floyd brought his “Hard work, dedication” chants as he attempted to match the brash Irishman in his outlandish promo strategy, but fell short. The most scripted part had to be the security team of Floyd surrounding McGregor as if they were going to attack.



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Day 4: London, England couldn’t end fast enough for those attempting to watch the tour live as another hour delay added to the frustration of the fans but was it planned for concession and merchandise sales? Or was it more time for fellow fight fans to see if others are playing the live stream offered across many social media outlets? All revenue streams are go for this bout as it’s no doubt will be a cash grab and possibly not much but this week of low-character insults to be kind. It hit the bottom on the final day as Floyd dropped a homophobic slur that got many media outlets stirred up but isn’t that the point?

The ring was designed in a true WWE style as McGregor contacted Mayweather by slapping his head lightly; well timed but obviously planned. With the tour ending close to Ireland in London, the fans knew to expect a heavy Irish presence and Mayweather ate it up. Following the final press conference, it was rumored that Mayweather and McGregor shared a private jet with fellow team members from New York City to London. This would make the most sense out of the entire tour, as if nothing should come of this fight in terms of boxing, it surely will be a top-tier pay-per-view in terms of numbers historically.

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