Jacob deGrom – Becoming A Legend Right Before Our Eyes

Jacob deGrom is one of the best arms in baseball and has blossomed into what seems to be legendary status in 2021. The two-time Cy Young winner is having himself a year many would only dream about and he is doing it in a manner that seems impossible to maintain.

But, let’s not act like deGrom’s talent was ever in question. The Mets ace was the Rookie of the Year in 2014 where he had a 2.69 ERA, 144 strikeouts, 7.5 hits allowed per 9 innings and 9.2 strikeouts per 9 innings. That is a solid season for the average starter in the league and deGrom was just a rookie at the time. Now deGrom is a staring down the barrel at what may go down as the single greatest pitching season of all-time.

His stat line of 0.54 ERA, 111 strikeouts, 3.5 hits per 9 innings and 14.9 Strikeouts per 9 innings is staggering. Additionally, he is winning 75% of his starts while only allowing 26 total hits and seven runs in his eleven starts.

He is also posting record numbers in walks and hits per innings pitched (or WHIP at 0.507) and fielding independent pitching (or FIP at 0.79).

To put the numbers in perspective this is where he would rank all-time:

0.54 ERA – 1st All-Time (Current No.1, 1937 Eugene Bremer .711 ERA)

3.5 Hits x 9 – 1st All-Time (Current No.1, 1944 Hilton Smith 4.36 Hits x 9)

14.9 SO x 9 – 1st All-Time (Current No.1, 2020 Shane Bieber 14.1 SO x 9)

0.507 WHIP – 1st All-Time (Current No.1, 1944 Hilton Smith 0.617 WHIP)

0.79 FIP – 1st All-Time (Current No.1, 1908 Christy Mathewson 1.28 FIP)

deGrom is lapping the field at an All-Time pace. He is also averaging 99.2 mph on his fastball, which would be second all-time since the stat was recorded in 2017 (Jordan Hicks, 100.9 mph/avg in 2018).

This year for the Mets’ ace is having one of those “you had to be there” years. His historical marks are some that will be marveled and revered for centuries as the greatest single pitching season ever seen. deGrom is going from one of the best of his era to a bonafide legend right before our eyes.



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