Golden State’s Message to the league: Checkmate!

On July 1, 2018, LeBron James and Los Angeles Lakers owned the NBA media coverage for about 24 hours. Questions about which superstar would be joining him and his impact in the City of Angels quickly manifested. How will the rest of the dominoes fall now that James has signed on the dotted line?

Las Vegas odds makers went crazy, making the Lakers the second odds on favorite to get to the Finals. This is why they put Magic Johnson in charge, to get the big fish and he got the biggest one out there.

Then on July 2, 2018, a meteor hit the NBA landscape and left a Grand Canyon size crater in it’s wake.

Breaking news: free agent center Demarcus “Boogie” Cousins signs with the Golden State Warriors.

You could hear and feel a gasp across the country. How did this happen, especially when no one saw this coming. Then the numbers are revealed, a one-year deal worth $5.3 million.

This can’t be right or fair? Social media has been in shock and disbelief since the announcement. What a difference 24 hours can make.

Even with Cousins coming off an achilles injury and not being able to play until December at the earliest, the possibilities are frightening. Considering Golden State was already the favorite to win the 2019 title coming off back-to-back title runs and winning three of the last four championships, what more could they do.

Then this happened. Cousins will be allowed to take his time and rehab his injury so he can comeback as strong as possible. The Warriors don’t need Cousins for the regular season, they will be just fine. It’s the playoff run where he will make a difference.

This makes sense for both the Warriors and Cousins. For the Warriors, they are trying to cement their dynasty and place with respect to historic teams. For Cousins, it’s an opportunity to get a ring, show he’s healthy and that he can be a team player.

He is gambling on himself and if all goes according to plan, that Brink’s Armored truck will be pulling up to his door come free agency next offseason. Now what was going on in Los Angeles again?

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