Cleveland Cavaliers, (Not The “LeBron’s”) Are Defending The Crown

Ab Stanley

It’s funny that LeBron James can play with star after star and still look like the only guy doing anything. What’s not funny is how the Cleveland Cavaliers played in Game 1. That game is over with but some of the concerns remain the same.

In Game 2 of the NBA Finals, James is gonna need some serious help if he and his team wants to tie up the series. The Golden State Warriors are the challengers in this Finals, full of players with one thing on their mind, revenge.

Cleveland should play tonight with one thing on their mind, urgency. No, not panic or desperation but urgency. In Game 1, James had his usual monster stat-line, 28 points 15 rebounds and 8 assists. Kyrie Irving scored 24 points on 10-22 shooting but really didn’t make an impact on the offensive end. Kevin Love grabbed an insane 21 rebounds but did very little scoring of his own. They combined for 67 points.

Conversely, the duo of Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry combined for 66 points. James and company should come out in Game 2 and play like they did versus the Boston Celtics or the Toronto Raptors. Don’t worry about the Warriors firepower and unload their full arsenal.

The Cavaliers finished the regular season ranked second in three pointers made. Go back to the plays that opened up shots for the likes of Kyle Korver, Jr. Smith and Deron Williams.

Has anybody seen Channing Frye as well?

We don’t know if head coach Tyronn Lue has a [real] plan on defense but he definitely did not exercise his full offensive potential.

At the end of the day, these games will be remembered for what James will or will not do. In real life, he can’t do it by himself.

It’s James playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers not a bunch of guys playing for the Cleveland “Lebrons”.

Game 2 is tonight at 8 p.m. eastern time. Let’s see how many of the Cavs show up this time around. I should say how many of them not named LeBron.

Ab Stanley

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