Climbing To New Heights – New York Jets 2023 Draft Profile

The New York Jets are one of the better young teams in the NFL and showed major promise this past season. Robert Saleh and company have whipped the once lowly NFL franchise into a well-oiled machine that is a couple of pieces away from being legitimate contenders. With the all but finalized addition of Aaron Rodgers, the Jets can enter this draft with the mindset of best player available.

Broderick Jones, Tackle, Georgia 

Jordan Battle, Safety, Alabama

Braeden Daniels, Guard, Utah

This draft is going to be one that is used to reinforce the team’s depth chart. The Jets need to address the offensive line and make sure that they have versatility as well. They could look in the direction of Broderick Jones, who can play either tackle position. Jones has supreme athleticism and good feet that will allow him to matchup with a wide range of pass rushers.

After addressing the perimeter of the line New York should look to galvanize the interior. Braeden Daniels is a good mid-round option that will be able to develop into a strong starter. Daniels excels at both pass and run blocking and can play on either side of the line. The Jets may have Aaron Rodgers under center, so keeping him clean should be a priority.

The Jets are a team built on the backs of the defense. Part of Robert Saleh’s scheme is using three safety looks to create mismatches. Jordan Battle fits the mold of a “star” safety. His ability to be a enforcer in the run game but also play the seams and take tight ends out of the game is valuable. If anyone can find a place for Battle, its Saleh. 

This is going to be pivotal draft for the New York Jets. They can become a powerhouse if they ace most of their picks, but we will have to wait until we see them on the clock in Kansas City.

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