Can The Pieces Fall Into Place For The Titans In Week 16?

The Tennessee Titans had worked so hard to give themselves a chance to see the playoffs. They had two of the last three games against the division leaders, the Houston Texans. If they were to win the first, they would really put pressure on the Texans. All that hope and optimism changed this past Sunday when the Titans took the field.

Despite winning six of their last seven games, the Texans had something for the Titans they could not solve. Houston’s defense made the run game of the Titans work very had to get yards and while Ryan Tannehill and crew had their moments, they could not solve the Texans’ pass defense.

As for the Texans’ offense, they came out fast and controlled the game. With the Texans having the upper hand in the division, the Titans have to have a few things work in their favor to make the playoffs.

The first thing is they have to be huge Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. Jameis Winston and crew have been up and down all season long but they can be pretty good when they are on offensively. The best hope is the Bucs show up ready to fight and their defense shows up a little to allow their offense breathing room.

The second thing the Titans must do is win Sunday. The good thing is they are playing at home and outside. The bad thing is they are playing against the Saints who are still playing to potentially gain homefield advantage in the NFC throughout the playoffs.

If the Titans are able to run the football and play solid to spectacular defense, then they may win this game that no one really expects them to win.

If these two things happen, the Titans and Texans will be playing in the last week of the season for the AFC South crown. With how things went down in Nashville in Week 15, the Titans will be looking for payback. The winning streak the Titans went on along with winning six of seven was impressive, but the one win they really needed escaped them.

Hopefully for their sake, things fall into place to give them a chance to redeem themselves because realistically, there is very little chance of them making the playoffs outside of winning the division.

Mike Patton

Nashville, Tennessee

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