Battle Of The Bay – San Diego Padres vs. Los Angeles Dodgers Dodgers NLDS Preview

This series will feature the two premiere teams in the National League going at it.

The Dodgers have been nothing short of amazing. I know that gets repetitive but they haven’t given us a reason to think otherwise this far. The postseason hasn’t seemed to phase them too much and it looks as if they are going through the motions and winning. As easy as it has looked for L.A. though, they will need to lock it in against the Padres.

The Padres were the surprise of the season and in a good way. Fernando Tatís Jr. and company were blasting grand slams all season, so much so it seemed routine. They are now in the playoffs and doing more of the same on offense. The question is, can they keep it up?


By The Numbers:*

San Diego Padres (2-1) Los Angeles Dodgers (2-0)
6 Home runs (T-2) 1 Home runs (T-11)
.304 Batting Avg (2) .207 Batting Avg (8)
4.67 ERA (13) 1.00 ERA (3)
.252 Opp Batting Avg (11) .172 Opp Batting Avg (4)

*Wild Card Series Numbers


The Dodgers will have their hands full on the defensive side of the ball. Their fielding will need to be on point as well as their pitching to remove the threat of San Diego’s aggressive batting. Offense shouldn’t be an issue either, seeing as the Padres have allowed teams to get out front early on them.

Even though the Padres aren’t great on defense and let teams take leads, they are a quick hit team. They can and will get points in bunches. Against the Dodgers that won’t be easy with them having maybe the most talented outfield in all of baseball but if anyone can make this L.A. team look human, it’s the Padres.


Key Players:

Padres: Trevor Rosenthal, Pitcher

2020 Postseason Stats: 6.00 ERA – 5 Strikeouts – .250 Opp Batting Avg

The Padres score a lot of points, so their relief pitching is very important to the team’s success. Rosenthal, or “Rosey” as he is known to his teammates, will need to be great in his relief role for the Padres to win what looks to be a tight series.


Dodgers: Cody Bellinger, First Baseman

2020 Postseason Stats: .286 BA –  0 RBI – 0 Home Run

If anyone needs to be a big bat, it’s Cody Bellinger. He is one of the most consistent batters on the team but with all that consistency he hasn’t produced a lot of offense this postseason. The Dodgers will need Bellinger to get back to his regular season form to be able to match the Padres.



Dodgers over Padres  

This series could go either way but when it’s down the middle always go with the talent. The Dodgers take a tough one over the Padres.

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