Atlanta Hawks vs Boston Celtics Game 6 Preview

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Game 5 Review

What was thought to be a grinding hard fought game turned out to be a one-sided affair. The Boston Celtics started the game as if they were the superior team playing awesome defense, hitting their threes and hustling to loose balls. The Atlanta Hawks seemed like they were nervous missing everything they attempted. Yet, the tides switched quickly as the Hawks couldn’t miss during the second quarter plus the rest of the game and the Celtics look as if they were defeated mentally after they had a red carpet view of the threes raining from everywhere. To add insult to injury, Isaiah Thomas sprained his ankle.

Keys To The Game

The Hawks have to come in this game as if it’s game 7 and close it out. The Celtics are not the team that you want to give life to. Atlanta should know that TD Garden will be rocking so their first task is just to weather the storm because there will be one. Another factor is to not fall in love with the three point line. It’s a big difference being at home launching from 28 feet and beyond with the crowd behind you than being on the road shooting from the arch. The Celtics need to feed off the energy of the crowd and not let the foot off the pedal. This is do or die for them so they should risk dying to win this game. The role players has to play the best game of their lives. In other words mimic what they saw in Atlanta in Game 6.


The X-Factor of the Hawks is Dennis Schroder. Schroder is vital due to the fact that he can come in the game and put pressure on Boston. He’s the only player that has the gumption to take it to the rim with no hesitation. If he comes out with the second unit and either maintain a lead or keep them close then it be huge for the Hawks. 

The X-Factor for the Celtics is Isaiah Thomas. Yes this is an easy pick but when he plays well, they usually win. Dealing with his ankle might hinder him some but if the adrenaline is pumping and he’s scoring, he will forget about that injury. When he goes, the team feeds off of him. Also this is win or go home so big time players step up in big time games.

Prediction: Celtics will come out gunning and scoring which will bring some doubt into the heads of the Hawks. Celtics win 109-96

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