Almost Losing Football Taught Reuben Foster Lessons He’s Ready To Apply

Linebacker Reuben Foster was one of the more controversial additions to Washington’s roster when the team claimed him off waivers two years ago. Foster’s talent has never been in question but his ability to behave off the field is where the problem lies. The San Francisco 49ers cut Foster following his second domestic violence arrest in 2018. The charges against him were eventually dropped.

“I think the biggest thing is Reuben was claimed here and after he went through the process, certain things came out and he had his moment to be able to settle himself in and show that he was exonerated for the most part,” Coach Ron Rivera said.

As Foster was trying to move forward with his career, another stroke of bad luck came his way when he tore his ACL during Washington’s offseason activities last year. So after two years of no football, Foster is ready to finally get back on the field and prove that he’s learned from his mistakes.

“I learned a lot. Right now, I’m not even worrying about all of that. It’s in the rear view and I’m going to keep it in the rear view. I’m looking toward the future and try to look onto the bigger things and try to get back onto the field.”

Foster joins a linebacker group that includes his former Alabama teammate Ryan Anderson and veteran Thomas Davis. On the depth chart, this is a position that could use his help and if he can be the same impactful player we know him to be, Washington may come out with a success story.

“He can be a very big asset, just because of his ability to make plays, his explosiveness as a football player and those explosive plays that he can make,” Rivera said. “What we’re hoping for, for Reuben,  (is) an opportunity to get back on the field and prove that he’s back and that he’s the kind of guy we hope he can be for us.”

“Reuben is a physical specimen. I was telling somebody the other day you have people who are born to play a position,” Thomas Davis added. “When you look at Reuben, he’s one of those guys. I feel like he was born to play the linebacker spot. As a guy who has his own rehab story, to see Reuben being able to do the things he’s doing day in and day out, I’m extremely impressed and I’m excited for him.”

As for Foster himself, he still has to prove that the past is behind him. Needless to say, an unwelcome hiatus taught him that he never wants to possibly lose football again.

“I’ve grown a lot, just being humble, vulnerable. It’s stuff I can’t really explain,” Foster shared. “My drive to get back on the field was just insane. I appreciate the game no matter what. I loved the game from the jump.”

“I’m crazy for this game,” Foster added. “I feel like God put me right here and dropped me like this and said, ‘Here’s the football child.’ I love this game. I’ll never take it for granted for a minute.”




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