A True Battle For MLB Supremacy – Tampa Bay Rays vs. Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Preview

After what seems like an eternity, we are here at the 2020 MLB World Series between the Tampa Bay Rays and Los Angeles Dodgers.

These two clubs have shown strength and perseverance through adversity and will now battle to see who is the best of the best in the MLB. That statement is not only figurative, but literal, as these are two number one overall seeds.

On one side you have the Dodgers, who have been the class of the MLB from the start, showing that the moves in the offseason weren’t just for show. On the other, Tampa Bay who has shown that consistency can overcome a talent gap.

This will be one for the ages from the opening pitch.


Journey To The World Series:

Tampa Bay Rays  (9-5) Los Angeles Dodgers (9-3)
#1 Seed AL (AL East Winner) #1 Seed NL (NL West Winner)
Win ALWCS (2-0) vs Blue Jays Win NLWCS (2-0) vs Brewers
Win ALDS (3-2) vs Yankees Win NLDS (3-0) vs Padres
Win ALCS (4-3) vs Astros Win NLCS (4-3) vs Braves


Numbers won’t matter here, the slate is clean at 0-0. It all comes down to what got you here and the road traveled. These two teams took two different paths to get to the same destination.

The Dodgers were in the proverbial “hot seat” to win convincingly, having the best record in the MLB. They dispatched the Brewers with ease and went on to handle their business against a team many thought would be their stiffest competition in San Diego. Their biggest test came from the most unlikely of opponents in Atlanta, who pushed the Dodgers to the brink, but they battled and won to get here to the World Series.

The Rays took the hardest road in most people’s eyes. They beat up on their AL East rival Blue Jays in the Wildcard, then buried a determined New York Yankees team that seemed to never go away. At the end they had to face an equally determined Astros team that made the Rays have to dig down and gut out a win to get the Championship Series.


Players To Watch:

Rays – Tyler Glasnow, Pitcher

2020 Postseason Stats: 4.66 ERA – 25 Strikeouts – .236 Opp Batting Avg

Glasnow is the model of consistent pitching over long innings, and his ability to ramp it up over time is a killer to low scoring teams with shallow batting rotations.


Dodgers – Clayton Kershaw, Pitcher

2020 Postseason Stats: 3.32BA – 23 Strikeouts – .229 Opp Batting Avg

Kershaw has been nothing short of spectacular this postseason, giving the Dodgers a potent advantage when facing big hitting teams.


In a battle of defense it comes down to the leader of that unit. Both of these MLB Aces are primed to put their teams ahead by keeping the other behind.


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