Zion Williamson: The Man Child, The Myth, The Legend

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, in a cave or high in a secluded mountain, you have heard the name Zion Williamson. In this day and age of social media, no other other basketball player has had this much fanfare or coverage since (gasp) LeBron James.

It’s borderline obsession. Why is everyone so intrigued by him? Because he’s a freak of nature.

He is the definition of a man child. No one that young should be blessed with such strength, athletic ability and a physique football players would envy.

Watching Williamson against other high schoolers was laughable. It was like big brother abusing little brother one-on-one in the driveway and he’s made opponents look like junior high players. It didn’t seem fair but no one noticed because they were too busy in awe watching him dunk. 

The myth is Williamson could be the best ever. Not only is it way too early for that discussion but it’s not fair to him. For all his athleticism, he still has flaws in his game that will require improvements; most notably, his jump shot outside 15-feet and a mid-range game.

His ball handling is sufficient for college but that will also need to tighten up at the next level. With that said, he’ll be fine at Duke. Here’s a shocker, he’s not the best NBA prospect on his team, he’s actually third (you heard it here first). 

Williamson was a legend by the time he was in the eighth grade which is way too much, too soon.

The freshman sensation seems to be a well grounded, humble person. He is guided by well adjusted parents. So much hype and praise at such an early age could compromise one’s sense of reality or normality.

His YouTube videos have gone viral and has achieved cult like status and  highlight dunks continue to generate likes. His instagram account has over a million followers, plus he’s a likable kid and easy to root for.

What he has going for him is he is a box office sensation; meaning he will put fans in seats. And that is as important as his ceiling as a player. This  especially for a losing NBA franchise who needs a shot in the arm which is the reason he could be the number one pick in the 2019 draft. 

As far as the comparisons go, there is no current NBA player he matches up with. He is a more athletic Charles Barkley with Karl Malone’s strength.

The LeBron James comparison, it’s just not accurate. We have certainly not seen anyone with his size (285 pounds) and leaping ability (45 inch vertical). He’s also very nimble on his feet and a quick leaper. Often times, he’s jumping twice before others have finished their first jump.

The kid has a chance to be special, unfortunately, the media and overzealous fans won’t let him grow into himself. 

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