Which Organizations Need To Press The Reset Button?

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The one term no sports fan wants to hear, is the word “rebuild”. The idea of the plan that was previously laid out in the organization by either the front office or coaches in charge, which wasn’t working out, usually stings the most. No matter if the organization goes short term or long term. There’s not many things worse than a rebuild.

Except for when a team needs an organization reset.

Bad ownership groups, consistently questionable actions and constant failures are signs of when an organization needs a reset. While shady business actions aren’t new to the business and sports worlds, and probably happen more than most fans know, it’s the ones that are leaked that do the most damage.

It leads to the thought; “Are there any organizations that need a rest in the current age”? If so, who are they?

The answer to the first question is yes, there absolutely are. There are multiple organizations in need of one. So let’s take a look at some of them.


Washington Commanders

Starting with probably the most obvious, the Washington Commanders are arguably the team most in need of some sort of reset. Under the rule of owner Dan Snyder, the team has seen everything from unlawful financial conduct to sexual misconduct scandals with the cheerleaders and other employees to the whole scandal with the team name. The sad thing is, those were just in the last few years, never mind the last couple decades.

While the product on the field has seen mixed results, not even a Super Bowl could excuse the actions of Snyder. While people love to complain about the Jerry Jones’ and Al Davis/Davis family, if there one organization that needs a massive change, it’s Washington and it starts with their Commander.


Baltimore Orioles

Other than three years, the Baltimore Orioles have become synonymous with top 10 picks. Since taking over as owner in 1996, Peter Angelos has seen the team make the playoffs five-times, with a string of fourteen consecutive losing seasons fill a gap in-between their second and third appearances. To say the results have been rough is an understatement.

However, it’s not just the results, it’s how they arrived to them. Baltimore, has become notorious for trading good young players in what seems like a blatant attempt to tank. While other teams around the league have done this, nobody has been more obvious to it than Baltimore.

They’ve been the poster boys of tanking and one of the names that the Players Union pointed at during the lockout due to their constant moves to tear down.


Detroit Lions

1991 was the last time the Detroit Lions won a playoff game. Seven, the number of times the Detroit Lions made it to the playoffs, only to lose in the Wild Card round. Thirteen, the amount of times the Detroit Lions finished in last place since their last playoff win.

Here’s one more number: “One”, the amount of families who have owned the team.

The Ford family has never seen Detroit go to the Super Bowl, and they’ve never seen their team win an NFL championship. They’ve seen several playoff appearances but not many playoff wins. It’s hard to take away from a family’s legacy but something needs to be done at this point, the city of Detroit deserves better.


Arizona Coyotes

The sad thing is Alex Meruelo has owned the Arizona Coyotes since 2019. In just under three years, they‘ve done the following: drafted a player who allegedly was racist and bullied an African-American student with a learning disability and renounced his draft rights almost immediately, were threatened to be locked out of their arena if they didn’t pay $1.3 million owed in taxes and signed a three-year agreement to play at Arizona State University’s 5,000 seat arena starting in the 2022-23 season.

Three years may not be a lot but when the biggest issues are of that magnitude, that’s not good. Add to it that they’ve been in the top five when it comes to the lowest attended teams and there’s another issue. Maybe Meruelo should have some more time but the NHL is going to have to step-in eventually and do something, even if it means relocation.


New York Knicks

James Dolan has treated the New York Rangers very well, reaping the benefits of multiple playoff trips, as well as a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals. When the ice is the floor, he hasn’t embarrassed the team and has been respectful of them.

Then there’s the New York Knicks.

Despite millions of dollars spent on various star players including Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire, Derrick Rose and Stephon Marbury, the Knicks have really gotten nowhere. When you add his treatment of fans and retired players at games and firing an executive of the team after she complained about sexual harassment with the coach, the NBA may need to force a reset.

New York will always be seen as an epicenter of the sports world, and while the Brooklyn Nets are a thing, they don’t have Madison Square Garden, they don’t have the linage and they don’t have the name. It’s embarrassing and the ship needs to be straightened.

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