Tennessee Titans: The Hottest Team No One Is Talking About

When a team is hot, everyone seems to talk about them.

Baltimore is the team that everyone is talking about these days. Lamar Jackson is the odds-on favorite for MVP and the Ravens have won nine games on their way to be one of the most-talked about teams in the NFL.

While everyone is talking about the red-hot Ravens, there is one team most media is missing on right now.

The Tennessee Titans were 2-4 on October 13th and that was the day Ryan Tannehill first replaced Marcus Mariota at quarterback. From there, the Titans have been rolling.

The Titans are averaging over 31 points per game offensively and the defense continues to put their mark on the team, putting them at 8-5. While the scoring is there and the defense has been great, the biggest change is the way the Titans are handling business as of late.

For those that haven’t followed the Titans over the years, they typically have had the same tendencies for years. When they are facing a team everyone considers good and expects them to lose, they tend to find a way to win. Coincidentally, when they play a team they are expected to beat, Tennessee comes out and find a way to lose.

This pattern had been there for a while and plenty wondered would it ever change. Well this season, Tennessee may have taken a while but they are finally taking advantage of lesser opponents.

The perfect example of how they are playing better is their most recent win against the Oakland Raiders.

AJ Brown flexing in the endzone after a score. (photo courtesy of www.paradisepost.com)

The Titans were expected to win and the Raiders did give them some pushback. What was impressive is they were able to play through the loud noise in the Black Hole as well as put away the Raiders early on.

Due to the game getting out of hand, Derrick Henry was able to rest early and nurse a hamstring issue that’s been nagging him for the past two weeks.

Tennessee has hit their stride but these last three games will determine their destiny ultimately. The Titans play the Houston Texans two of the last three games of the season and that game sandwiched in between is a date with the New Orleans Saints.

Seems like a daunting task for anyone but the way the Titans are playing, this could be a time for them to show they have shaken the doldrums of the past for a better future.

Let’s see how this stretch goes as Sunday marks a “Code Blue” for the Tennessee Titans and their fanbase as they try to state their case to be the division winners this season.

Mike Patton

Nashville, Tennessee

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