The Washington Commanders Welcome 12 Undrafted Free Agents To Rookie Minicamp

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The Washington Commanders’ rookie minicamp will begin on May 10-12. The NFL allowed teams with new head coaches to hold an additional voluntary veterans minicamp. Washington held theirs on April 22-24.


From that minicamp, here are the players the Commanders are inviting:

Chigozie Anusiem, CB

AJ Woods, DB

Tyler Owens, DB

Norell Pollard, DT

Colson Yankoff, TE

David Nwaogwugwu, OL

Sam Hartman, QB

Austin Jones, RB

Michael Wiley, RB

Ben Nikkel, S

Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint, WR.

Washington is also inviting linebacker Bo Bauer, but he is from the 2023 NFL Draft class.


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