The Craziness That Is March Madness

As each year begins, we make our New Year’s resolutions and make promises we try to keep. In terms of sports, a college football team is crowned champion in January. Then the NFL holds the Super Bowl and a last team is standing. Before we can get to the NBA Finals, there is a small college basketball tournament that happens in March. A mere blip of the sports map (my attempt at sarcasm). More like a meteoric impact that leaves the earth shaking for a month.

It starts with Midnight Madness in October and ends on a Monday night in April. So many knowns and unknowns. There’s the way too early preseason rankings to get the fans talking and incoming freshman and transfers, so much to keep up with. There is plenty of optimism and pessimism for each team.

The ups and downs of the regular season is a long roller coaster ride. Unlike college football, early or late losses does not doom a team’s season. The regular season roller coaster ride turns into a tornado twister that is the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament.

This is the only postseason that can make you laugh, cry, scream in ecstasy and lose your mind with anger all in the same game. The range of emotions & emojigies is vast and wide. Enough to make fans crazy. That can happen six times if your team is lucky enough to make the final game. The fanatics would not have it any other way. How much can one heart take? This is the Madness of March.

What makes it so good? Yes, future NBA and special college players adds a flare. Plenty of Hall of Fame coaches to follow and you have the usual blue bloods to love or hate (Duke, UNC, Kansas, UCLA) and the underdogs to root for. Then you have the first time entrants looking to crash the party.

All that is nice but what makes this the single best postseason in sports is the storylines. From promises made to since passed away relatives, players making it from insurmountable odds, teams finding inspiration from a sick child and everyone’s favorite, Moms. There is no shortage. Welcome to March.

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