Three Reasons To Be Thankful For Football

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There’s nothing better than sitting down at my cousins place, beer in my hand and half listening to conversation, half watching whatever football game is on at the time. While most of my family are live and die baseball fans, football is a very close second. So the second that someone carves the turkey, people scramble for the closest seat at the table to the television. Unless my uncle decides to put golf on instead. This year though, there’s a lot to be thankful for, so I’ll limit to three things.


1. It’s Finally Nice To See Games With Meaning To Them

It seems like the past few years, each Thanksgiving Day featured at least two throwaway games. This year features three games that do hold some kind of playoff implications. 

With the NFC wild card race wide open, there’s still chances for teams like the Dallas Cowboys and the Atlanta Falcons to make it in. It’s even more crucial for teams like the Washington Redskins, New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears because while they’re leading, they have teams on their tails. The slate of games is much better than say Redskins vs New York Giants or Los Angeles Chargers vs Cowboys where nobody except those fans really cared.


2. It seems like every few years, there’s that one moment, good or bad, that we look back and say, “I remember when that happened.”

Usually it’s a moment where you can’t stop watching and have to look it up after it happens.

Probably the most infamous was the Mark Sanchez “butt fumble” when he ran into his own safety in a game versus the New England Patriots and coughed up the football. Others include Cowboys back up quarterback Clint Longley sucker punching Roger Staubach in the jaw, and the infamous “heads, tails, tails-heads” overtime game between the Detroit Lions and Pittsburgh Steelers.

3. The Cleveland Browns Are Marginally Less Bad!

One of the strangest thing going into Thanksgiving this year that makes me thankful personally, is not having the worst team at the dinner table. Being in a major sports family, there’s always a discussion about football. The crazy thing though, for once, my team isn’t the worst! My New York Jets fan cousin gets that honor this year. Though it’s a baseball family mainly (which there’s bragging rights there too) every sport matters.

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