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As we get ready to begin the interview session, you can sense his excitement of getting the opportunity to enlightened the scouts of his sincerity, dedication and passion for football. He yells out to one of his classmates on campus laughing and joking while getting prepared to tackle every question that comes his way. I ask him is he ready to begin and he replies “Yes sir,” showing respect.

Roderick Lindsey is a senior at Chowan University anticipating his most important and biggest interview he will face in his life thus far, the Globe Bowl. Born and raised in Fort Myers, Florida, Lindsey didn’t play football until his freshman year. Lindsey, a free agent safety, started his football career as a quarterback until his coach switched him to cornerback because of his instincts for always being around the football. After getting promoted to varsity as a freshman going into his ninth game, he recorded seven interceptions that year. (he finished with 21 in his high school career). His ball skills weren’t the only impressive attribute as a young phoneme. “We had like three 6’3″ wide receivers and none of those dudes didn’t want to compete with me because I was so aggressive and big,” stated Lindsey. “That’s when I developed my swagger to play cornerback.” 

During his high school years, Lindsey grew to become a fan favorite in school. “I had it all, I was recruited by Rutgers University, I had the girls and the fame, everybody loved me,” explained an animated Lindsey, but things took a turn for the worst. He lost his brother, girlfriend, and two cousins in a two month span. This is after he didn’t get his high school diploma. “When I put [everything else] first before God, life humbled me,” Lindsey exclaimed. Lindsey eventually reverted back to God and got his priorities straight which led him to his next chapter in life. 

Lindsey started his college career at Arkansa Baptist College (Junior College). He converted to safety there after. Although he had a knack for the ball, Lindsey focused on sharpening his tackling skills to become a complete player. “Tom Lavigne, my junior college coach helped me at every facet of the game,”  Lindsey recalls. “I got ran over during a tackling drill and he told me if I ever get ran over again, I would never play another down for the team. I started hitting everything moving.” Lindsey averaged over 13 tackles a game and finished his sophomore season with with 123 tackles. After working hard and dedicating himself fully, he earned himself a full scholarship at Chowan University. 

At Chowan University, the converted safety started to hone in on his skill-set as a defensive back. Not only looking for just interceptions but getting his timing down and reading plays better before the football was snapped. The fourth game of the season against St. Augustine’s, Lindsey recorded three interceptions. Although he was getting recognition for his play, the senior remained focused on school. He received an invitation to the FCS Bowl after the Thanksgiving break. “I got a call and they said you’re invited and it’s December 6, 2015 in Miami, Florida and I’m like awww man that’s great,” Lindsey reminisced. “But I was like I won’t be able to make it because I have to graduate. I had to make a sacrifice to take my mid-term and hopefully another bowl game presents itself.” At the end of December, he received another invitation to the last and final bowl game of the year which is the Globe Bowl.  Here is Lindsey’s Senior highlights 

At the Globe Bowl, there will be a pro day as well with scouts from the CFL, European League, Arena League and maybe even a few from the NFL. “What it means to me, I’m thankful and I appreciate everything that happened to me in life. I’ve seen so many obstacles and I didn’t even graduate, I had to go get my GED and to see where I am today,” says an excited Lindsey. This will be the last chance where scouts will come out an evaluate players as a whole. “I will leave everything out on the field, every practice, every play and every drill.” Lindsey trains three times a day. And doesn’t use any excuses for himself. “I don’t care about being a Division II guy, talent will show no matter where you at. When I get in front of those scouts, somebody’s going to like me.” As he prepares for this opportunity, it’s three factors that Lindsey goes by. “God told me to be faithful, be prepared which is why I [train] everyday and be eager.” Lindsey knows this is his last chance in college to prove he belongs with the elite and by that, he continues to stay humble, hungry and confident. 

The Globe Bowl will be held in Allentown, Pennsylvania in Salisbury TWP Stadium on April 3, 2016 at 10:30 am.

Pro Day Combine:
Game Time Fieldhouse
155 Nestle Way
Breinigsville, PA 18031

Practice Field:
Bob Warke Field (Grass Field)
3025 South Front St. ( Front and Lehigh Street)
Whitehall Township, PA 18052






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