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I give a quick gesture that I will be ready in a minute, “It’s ok, just studying the playbook. I want to know it in and out. They sent it to us Monday,” he says. “I want to make sure I know it down to the pass block, run block, man-to-man, zone, where this man suppose to be and everyone.” He chuckles as you here the pages flip and then nothing but silence as if he’s waiting for me to start the anticipated interview.

Brandon Pinckney is a free agent quarterback (QB) that’s preparing for another chance at showcasing his talents by playing in the Globe Bowl this coming up weekend. Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Bronx, New York, Pinckney learned how to play the game of football at a young age. “I actually started in the playground with my cousins and my [three] older brothers,” says Pinckney. “When I got into organize [football], it was a big difference in my ability and the other kids.” This is not the only form of boost he received from family.

Pinckney excelled in football all the way up to high school which was ignited by overcoming obstacles and learning how to withstand all adversity at an early age. At the age of three, Pinckney’s mother passed away. Not only was his father there to console but made sure he was able to bounce back from any trial or tribulation. “My dad would tell us that we’re not going to hug you when you’re down, we’re going to just pick you up, dust you off and tell you keep going.” This sparked a mentality in Pinckney which carried him to where he is now. Also seeing his father sacrifice his time for him left an imprint on the young football player. “My father basically put me in sports to give me something to do because he had to go to work,” explained Pinckney. His father worked extra hours throughout the night just so the future QB could have all the necessary equipment to play football. 

In high school, Pinckney experienced success early by becoming a starter at the quarterback position on the varsity team after seven games as a freshman. “I thought, this is crazy. I’m a freshman and I can do this for four years and this could be my high school story and be that big guy on campus playing quarterback and I loved it,” Pinckney reminisced. Going into his junior year, the talented QB made the All City All-Star team. His senior year, the Daily News made a surprise visit to talk to Pinckney. What had Pinckney in awww was Rivals (, a website where they scout you) called him and that’s when the letters came in. “You taking a kid from Bronx, New York where I was playing football in the park with my cousins and now I’m going on recruitment trips. I’m just so happy till this day,” stated Pinckney. He ranked third in the city as a QB coming out of high school. He eventually chose St. Francis Xavier University.

Coming out of St. Francis Xavier University, Pinckney played in the developmental league for Arena Football called PSI and then played for a Semi-Pro league. Becoming his own marketing team, he created a highlight reel of himself in Semi-Pro and by working hard and never giving up, he earned his first contract in Germany. “It was amazing, I would have never thought in my life coming from where I came from to say I lived in Germany and I was paid to play football, something I love to do.” Getting paid wasn’t the only benefit from being in Germany in Pinckney eyes. “It put me at a level to become more professional and I learned that this is a business.”

The Globe Bowl is the last chance for college players to display their skills to earn a spot on a professional team. This will be the perfect stage for Pinckney to showcase his talents and prove he belongs on a professional roster. He understands it’s not just about his physical talents. “My ability to make other players better is my strongest attribute,” quotes Pinckney. “I feel that the better you make the [players] that surround you, the more successful you’re going to be.”He hopes to take after his favorite NFL QB Russell Wilson. By being 6’0, shifty and always extending the play on the field, he’s moving in the right direction. Although he’s been two years removed from college (age 24), he’s grateful that the Globe Bowl has allowed him to participate in this event. “When Russell [Wilson] was drafted, he was 24 and look at all the damage he’s done.” Pinckney is excited and preparing himself as we speak, but one thing for sure is mentally, he’s on the right track.


The Globe Bowl will be held in Allentown, Pennsylvania in Salisbury TWP Stadium on April 3, 2016 at 10:30 am.

Pro Day Combine:
Game Time Fieldhouse
155 Nestle Way
Breinigsville, PA 18031

Practice Field:
Bob Warke Field (Grass Field)
3025 South Front St. ( Front and Lehigh Street)
Whitehall Township, PA 18052


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