Predicting The 2018 NFL Quarterback Carousel

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Every year, several NFL teams change quarterbacks, thus intiating the annual quarterback carousel. With multiple teams looking for their potential quaterbacks, there’s been speculation where certain candidates will go. With all the talk of who will go where, here’s some predictions as to where the top candidates could land.


New Orleans Saints: Drew Brees

It’s hard to believe the Saints lead by anybody other than Drew Brees. Cleveland Browns’ left tackle Joe Thomas has been attempting to recruit the veteran quarterback. If he were to leave the Saints, it would be under a new coach. He’ll be back for at least one more year. Easy call.


Denver Broncos: Kirk Cousins

Denver and Minnesota will be competing for the right to call Cousins their starting quarterback. Given that John Elway is a “win now, ask questions later” type of guy, he’ll be gunning harder than anybody. The only major question that remains is which wide receiver will be on the move between Demaryius Thomas or Emmanuel Sanders.


Minnesota Vikings: Case Keenum

Unless the Vikings persuade Cousins to come to Minnesota, expect Case Keenum to return. The Vikings’ receivers had a great connection with Keenum. Given how young and talented this group is, it would be in the Vikings’ best interest to retain him. The Vikings will also have to make a choice with their back up between Teddy Brdigewater, Sam Bradford or drafting a quarterback. Watch for Bridgewater to return, expect Bradford to leave through free agency. It’s not that Bradford isn’t talented, but history will tell you that there’s less risk with bringing back Bridgewater than bringing back a fragile Bradford.


Cleveland Browns: AJ McCarron

He’s not the most attractive option, he’s not the best option, he could even be viewed as the next Brian Hoyer. All that said, the Browns should sign AJ McCarron. If not because of his potential, he will at least eliminate Hue Jackson’s last excuse of, “I don’t have my quarterback.” If the Browns don’t show at least some improvement, then Jackson will be fired. Also expect the Browns to draft a quarterback. At this point, it sounds like a three way split between Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield, USC’s Sam Darnold, and Wyoming’s Josh Allen.


New York Jets: Josh McCown

After last year’s career season for the elder statesman, expect Josh McCown to come back. The Jets will also be looking to draft a quarterback. Jets fans seem to be split down the middle between Darnold and Mayfield.


Arizona Cardinals: Lamar Jackson

There’s not many rookie quarterbacks that will start, if any, but the retirement of Carson Palmer, may have just changed everything. Given the success of DeShaun Watson in Houston, it’s not hard to believe Arizona tries to go to the “most exiciting player in the draft” well again. It will be interesting to see how the dynamic between a new coach and a rookie quarterback works in this situation.


Buffalo Bills: Josh Rosen

It’s hard to buy the Bills saying that they’ll hold onto Tyrod Taylor after a rough slate of games last year. With the Bills having back to back first round picks, as well as a playoff caliber team, if they can get their man, why wouldn’t they trade up to grab Rosen? It seems like the Giants could pass on him and if he’s there when the Colts pick, expect the possibility of a trade. Rosen is considered the best natural throwing quarterback in the upcoming draft and has the most to offer this young Bills squad.

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