Pete Rose Gambling While Playing Baseball Is Over Blown.

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  • July 1, 2015
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Pete Rose has been forever indebted to Major League Baseball for gambling as a manager. He’s been ridiculed for years even humiliated on television by Jim Gray. Does he need to be in the MLB Hall Of Fame, don’t know but his legacy on the field will not be tainted or will it?


In 2004, Rose finally admitted that he gambled on his team but stated “I bet on my team every night because I love my team. I believe in my team.” Rose was almost reinstated by Bud Selig until Selig changed his mind because of his feelings that Rose upstaged the HOF’s in Cooperstown. Now that Selig has stepped down, Rose feels like he has a chance to get reinstated and wants to meet with new commissioner Rob Manfred.


Manfred agreed to listen to Rose’s argument which is supposed to happen any day now. Everything looked as if a reinstatement was eminent until documents that was discovered by ESPN “Outside The Lines”, confirmed that Rose gambled as a player. The shocking news sent rumbles through MLB and its fans. The 74 year old former player seems to be running out of chances to get his lifetime ban lifted.


Although Rose denied that he gambled as a player in the past, we all know it didn’t affect his efforts and stellar play on the baseball diamond. There might not be one player that exuberated passion like Rose did. Some might believe that he disrespected the game by gambling while playing although his play showcased otherwise.


Will he ever get in, it’s remained to be seen but we all know if you would tell your child to emulate any player, Rose would definitely be at the top. He is the all-time hitter in MLB history (4,256) and played every game like it was his last. Should the gambling as a player determined his reinstatement, if so then how does it change the perception if he admitted gambling as a coach. Again, his play on the field wasn’t affected by it so this shouldn’t have much barring on the decision by the commissioner.



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